Kansas City Youth Court

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Kansas City Youth Court

Program Summary:
Kansas City Youth Court (KCYC) exists to nurture respect for the rule of law, encourage civic engagement and promote healthy, positive decision-making in young people.  Our motto is:  "Youth Helping Youth for a Better Community."   

COMBAT's efforts to address violence and drug use in our community is in line with the KCYC's mission to help at-risk youth make necessary changes to avoid criminal conduct and the use of substances.  

The KCYC is a teen court that receives referrals regarding low-level, usually first-time, juvenile offenders from the Kansas City Police Department, Jackson County Juvenile Office and schools for the purpose of adjudication. (During COVID-19 restrictions court sessions are held online). The KCYC is an official diversion program of the Jackson County Family Court that seeks to provide young offenders an opportunity to be mentored by their peers as they accept responsibility and make amends for harm to victims and the community. 

Most referrals to the youth court program emanate out of the school setting, which allows the Youth Court to address disruptive behaviors that impede the education of the offenders as well as other students.

Program Addresses: 
UMKC School of Law 500 E. 52nd Street Kansas City, MO 64110

The KCYC operates out of an office in the courtroom area of the law school, so all administrative functions take place at this site, as well as all attorney training and court sessions take place in the school's courtroom.

816-235-6298 • law.umkc.edu/youthcourt


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