Community Backed Anti-Drug Anti-Crime Anti-Violence Tax
  1. Neighborhood Watch Training October 22

    KCPD Offering FREE Training

    Join Kansas City Police Department Officers for a FREE training on how to PREVENT & REPORT crime, and maintain a safe environment for your family and neighborhood.

    6:30 p.m. • Tuesday, October 22

    KCPD South Patrol Division
    9701 Marion Park Drive
    Kansas City, MO 66106

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  1. We Are Hiring Neon Sign

    Budget Coordinator, Crime Analysts & Program Monitors

    When you join our team, you can do more than just advance your career. You can help make a difference in our community. COMBAT is seeking a Budget Coordinator and also a Crime Analyst. The Budget Coordinator will be responsible for handling all financial matters related to COMBAT, including funding, expenditures, procurements and weekly financial reports. The Crime Analyst will work in both COMBAT and the Prosecutor's Office Crime Strategies Unit. COMBAT is also still accepting applications for three Community Engagement Program Monitors.
  1. COMBAT seeks three community engagement monitors

    HELP WANTED: Community Engagement Program Monitors

    COMBAT is currently seeking three Community Engagement Program Monitors. These individuals will be responsible for monitoring COMBAT-funded agencies, conducting on-site visits, collecting and analyzing data, and writing reports about the agencies for compliance, performance, programming and community impact. Minimum qualifications include an associate’s degree in Criminal Justice or Public Health, and being a Certified Prevention Specialist or a Certified Substance Abuse Counselor.
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  1. Medical Marijuana Series

    » Part 1: Cause For Concern
    Concerns being raised with dispensaries due to open in 2020.

    » Part 2: Buffer Zones
    Kansas City will allow dispensaries 300 feet from schools.

    » Part 3: When Laws Clash
    Medical marijuana use while living in federally-subsidized housing might result in eviction.

    »Part 4: This Ain't Candy
    "Who eats just one Gummy Bear?" Overeating edibles can cause severe reactions.

    » Part 5: Just A Coincidence?
    Overdose deaths on the rise during same time states have been legalizing marijuana.

COMBAT Funding Pie Chart

Half Toward Enforcement

COMBAT is supported through a quarter-center sales tax that Jackson County voters first approved in 1989 and have since renewed multiple times—the last time being in 2016 when they voted (with record 77% support) extending the COMBAT text another nine years. 

The tax generates more than $20 million a year to support prevention, treatment and anti-violence programs. The County Legislature approved a forumlar to distribute the funding, with half the revenue going toward law enforcement efforts.

A quarter-cent sales tax equates to an extra 25 cents per $100 spend. An estimated 30% of COMBAT revenue is generated by non-Jackson County resident paying the tax when shopping in the county.

  1. #STRIVINTogether

STRIVING Together To Reduce Violence In Neighborhoods

Initiative Focuses On Need For Joint Effort To Reduce Violence In Neighborhoods

This COMBAT initiative brings together school administrators, police officers, elected officials, mental health professionals, social workers, faith-based leaders and concerned citizens to address violence in Jackson County’s most vulnerable neighborhoods. 

With a focus on developing a collaborative, comprehensive and coordinated plan in each “hot spot,” STRIVIN’ recognizes that no one individual or single agency can “save a neighborhood.” It takes working together—striving together—to make any neighborhood a safe place to call home.