Bridge Leadership Academy: Bridge Youth Violence Prevention Program

The Bridge Youth Violence Prevention Program (The Bridge YVP) is designed to prevent and reduce factors that put youth at risk of witnessing a violent crime, being a victim of violence, and/or making unhealthy life choices. The program consists of series of life skills and leadership development workshops designed to help students develop and employ healthy strategies when dealing with conflicts in everyday life.

Workshops topics include communication strategies, goal setting, healthy relationships, positive self-talk, basic self-care and healthy coping mechanisms.

The Bridge also provides on-site psychologists who facilitate counseling sessions to address trauma, anxiety and stress, empowering youth to develop behaviors that foster safe and healthy environments for themselves.

The overarching mission of the program is to provide youth with the information and skills to be productive citizens. As The Bridge provides program offerings in a pandemic-adapted world, it will have an electronic infrastructure that withstands the demands of communicating with multiple vendors, and provide a modern, agile and competitive educational experience for the students it serves.

As the organization increases capacity in staffing, its practices, policies, processes and systems will keep pace, allowing Leadership Coaches to lessen their engagement in administrative functions that do not add value to scholars' academic experiences. It will, as well, engage in racial equity, diversity, and inclusion training to create a more inclusive scholar experience.


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