FosterAdopt Community Connections Youth Project 

Community Connections Youth Project (CCYP) was created out of a need to support youth who were at risk of aging-out of the foster care system without having been adopted or placed with a family. Studies have shown youth who age out of foster care have a higher risk of facing homelessness, abuse-neglect, lack of employment and low education obtainment, among other factors.

CCYP is a voluntary case management program offered by FosterAdopt Connect to serve older foster youth and young adults who recently aged-out of foster care (ages 17-26). The overall goal of the program is to connect clients to services and resources they need to be successful as adults—and to mitigate many of the circumstances that lead to negative lifetime outcomes for people who have experienced significant childhood trauma. CCYP's overall goal is to assist these young people in achieving the short-term goals that pave the way for future success and a lifetime of positive outcomes.

Not 'Going It Alone'

Youth aging out of the foster care system are often not prepared to “go it alone.” Only 50% of these youth find employment by age 24.

In Jackson County, there were approximately 684 youth who left foster care in state fiscal year 2021. Through our programming, these young adults are engaged in an array of work skills to assist them in obtaining sustainable long-term employment. Training opportunities include vocational, computer, video production and art.

In short, “form and function” come together in one place, which increases a former foster child's ability to create a stable and meaningful life.

Failure in helping individuals in this situation to successfully move forward translates into a greater burden on a community. Homelessness creates greater stress on law enforcement, medical providers, the judicial system, mental health providers and more. 

Filling Gaps

Jackson County has 2,367 kids in foster care, the highest number in Missouri. Government agencies are unable to meet the demand, this results in children and families falling through the cracks, preventing them from getting the help they need.

FosterAdopt Connects works to fill those gaps and ensure no child or family is left behind.


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