Whatsoever Community Center Youth Services

Whatsoever Youth Services is a violence prevention-substance abuse program that provides support and opportunities for participants to achieve academic success, while building a solid foundation for a productive future. The purpose of the program is to increase school success, self-esteem, social-life skills, leadership and peer resistance, and to build positive relationships with adults. 

These protective factors help reduce the amount of violence and drug-related crime, substance use and abuse. Youth and young adults have much to contribute to their own development and their community. We help them attain their full potential by creating youth-young adult development program to support them and create a connection between youth, their families and the community.

Academic & Social Support

The Youth Services Program supports participants academically and socially by providing them with challenging and engaging cognitive activities. Critical thinking skills are developed by integrating multiple disciplines together through project-based learning. Youth have autonomy over each project. They are able to explore new ideas, interests and options, while expressing themselves creatively in group settings.

Staff encourage and support ideas the youth have and provide guidance in creating a realistic action plan. Every young person has opportunities to take on leadership roles throughout the project from the planning stages through completion and reflection.

Our program supports participants socially by providing activities to strengthen personal commitment against violence, drug use, self control, conflict resolution, self-efficancy, healthy peer relationships and recreation.The youth plan and participate in a variety of service learning projects throughout the year.

Youth-young adults can join the Whatsoever Boxing Club as well. It is an opportunity to learn discipline, perseverance, sportsmanship and leadership. As with any sport, regular training and commitment is necessary to succeed.

Amateur Boxing helps participants avoid drug and gang involvement in the community.

New Computer Lab

Whatsoever's youth program opened a new computer lab in June 2022. The computer lab enhances our staffs ability to accent school work with computer-based math and reading programs. Our youth program will strive to show how to use computers in a "positive" manner. We are planning to incorporate music, video, science and art applications with our computer lab to offer our youth choices to their positive growth interest.

Overcoming Negative Exposure

The youth-young adults in the area around Whatsoever have, for much of their lives, been exposed to negative and criminal anti-social behavior. Unfortunately the area around Whatsoever is not as safe as we would like. Gun shots, violent acts and drug use are not uncommon events around our center.

This constant exposure to risk factors, lack of educational progress, and gang involvement continues the negative cycle of anti-social behavior. Whatsoever strives to achieve the reversing of this cycle by providing mentors, educational advancement assistants and inclusion in positive peer group activities.


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