Sisters In Christ Navigating Challenges & Expressing Gratitude


COMBAT put out the call for updates from the agencies we fund and received this heartfelt reply from Sisters In Christ Executive Director Carolyn Whitney:

Sisters In Christ adjusted quickly to the necessary measures directed by the CDC and continue to navigate the enormous challenges COVID-19 has presented.

Routine is important for our recovering addicts. A schedule and accountability are also important.

We were able to obtain laptop computers and set up the cloud-based video conferencing tool ZOOM. This virtual tool has allowed our clients to maintain their AA/NA/CA meetings and our facilities to stay connected.

We schedule meetings to allow the clients to check-in, help each other understand their emotions, and relate to one another. We also have clients dealing with mental health issues and emotions like anxiety and fear. Realizing that unprocessed trauma can be a trigger, we shut off the news and read encouraging books. We also spend time journaling to bring peace of mind and gratitude.

Sisters In Christ Clienting In The SpringImages From The Sisters In Christ Facebook Page

While our three facilities are sheltered in place, the clients have taken up hobbies and projects to fill the time. They are enjoying the camaraderie through Spring cleaning, planning healthy meals, gardening and playing board games. 

Moving forward into the rest of May and the summer, we will continue to provide support and treatment to our clients.

May is Mental Health Awareness Month, and we will support and educate to raise awareness about mental health. And with most of our clients in the service industry, they are slowly returning to work as the KC metro begins to emerge from the COVID-19 emergency order.

We will also continue our engagements with our partners as also allowed by the city.

Our partners play a critical role in assisting our clients to rewrite their narratives and reclaim their authentic selves. One of our partners, Connections To Success will equip our clients with the resources and connections needed to reach their goals and move toward economic independence and stability. Our clients will participant in classes to find and maintain employment, training in specific skills: computers, trades, etc., and develop workforce readiness. 

Sisters In Christ is grateful that COMBAT, and our other supporters have joined us during this challenging time by GIVING AND ASSISTING…and for that we say, THANK YOU!

Carolyn Whitney,
Sisters In Christ Executive Director

Sisters In Christ Client Gardening