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FosterAdopt Connect

Program Summary:
The rate of homelessness for children who age-out of foster care is alarming. Nationally, 1 in 5 children who age-out of care becomes homeless. In Jackson County, that rate increases to 1 in 4. The amount of time foster care alumni live on the streets averages 27½ months compared to 19.3 months for those who had no foster care history. Additionally, 50% of former foster youth who aged out of foster care will be unemployed by the age of 24.  

Community Connections Youth Project is a voluntary case management program offered by FosterAdopt Connect to serve older foster youth and young adults who recently aged-out of foster care (ages 17-26). The overall goal of the program is to connect clients to services and resources they need to be successful as adults, and to mitigate many of the circumstances that lead to negative lifetime outcomes for people who have experienced significant childhood trauma.

Program Address: 
18600 E. 37th Ter. • Independence, MO 64057

816-646-8426 •


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