Welcome House Sober Living Recovery Program

The Welcome House Sober Living Recovery Program is a Level III Recovery Residence for men aged 21 and over with substance use disorder (SUD). Each year 350-500 individuals participate in the program. In pre-pandemic years, total participation trended at the higher end of the range since social distancing was not required. In 2023, Welcome House anticipates serving over 500 men.

Welcome House's only entry requirement is a willingness to stay sober. Neither financial status nor insurance coverage is a condition of participation. Overseen by certified staff and a program director who is a Licensed Master Social Worker (LMSW), the program provides critical residential stability and accountability in a substance-free environment for those in early recovery.

Participants enter the program during an initial 30-day probationary period. During that time, staff conducts a three-tiered clinical assessment to identify co-occurring diagnoses and guide outside referrals. Holistic, individualized recovery plans are crafted with the participant to assist them with setting and meeting recovery goals that address the complex physical, psychological, social, vocational and legal issues often facing individuals with substance use disorders.

The program entails three (3) core phases, each lasting 60 to 90 days. As participants progress through these phases, they attend recovery meetings; complete rehabilitative workshops; and receive weekly counseling sessions, coaching, mentoring, and support services under the supervision of the professional, certified program staff.

Additionally, the program's Jumpstart and Rehabilitative Jobs components assist residents with finding work,  while enabling them to contribute the required daily program fee ($24). Workforce components of the program offer additional structure and restore a sense of responsibility, productivity, and dignity while the participants gain  new vocational skills and builds a work history. 

Residents graduate from Welcome House after completing the probationary period, clinical assessments, and all three core program levels, including a discharge plan for life in recovery after Welcome House. Participants must also comply with their recovery team and referral recommendations and follow all house rules and program requirements during their tenure. 

The Thrive Aftercare program offers group meetings to qualified former residents in their first year of recovery.


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