Welcome House Sober Living Recovery Program

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Welcome House, Inc.

Program Summary: The Welcome House Sober Living Recovery Program is a Level III Recovery Residence for men aged 21 or over. The 6- to 12-month program combines evidence-based recovery therapies, a high level of structured support, and a rehabilitative vocational component with a peer-to-peer, residential, therapeutic community recovery model. Overseen by certified staff and a program director who is a Licensed Master Social Worker, the program provides critical residential stability and accountability in a substance-free environment for those in early recovery with alcohol and/or drug use disorders.

Program Addresses: 
1414 E 27th St. • Kansas City, MO 64108

816-472-0760 • welcomehousekc.org


    These are the agencies that have a COMBAT-funded treatment programs that include recovery houses, sober-living facilities and other treatment facilities that provide residential care for clients.

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    Welcome House, Inc.
    » Sober Living Recovery Program
    Sober-living facillity for men 21 and over