Sisters In Chrsit Recovery Housing

Sisters In Christ Recovery Housing is a resource for women rebuilding their lives after experiencing a substance-use disorder, mental health issues, incarceration and/or homelessness. Sisters In Christ recovery housing provides 12- to 18-month programs for women referred by the judicial system for transitioning from substance abuse treatment and correctional facilities back into the community.

While all former substance users are at-high risk for community and family ex-communication, those with criminal records, also face the additional stigma and challenges in securing safe and affordable housing; employment; and other social services.

In our transitional housing, residents will rebuild and strengthen their lives, while working toward fulfilling the three primary objectives of the program:

  • Developing resiliency to substance abuse activity and involvement.
  • Re-establishing personal ownership and responsibility.
  • Developing skills and strategies for successful and long-term family and community reunification.

The program begins with the first 30-60 days in the Serenity House by providing a nurturing, safe and supportive residence. Residents transition from living there to the Habakkuk House

The Habakkuk House creates a social support system conducive to recovery by providing an environment of responsibility and accountability. The participants develop structure with fellowship, support groups, skills training, recovery coaching and classes.

As our program participants continue their recovery journey, they transition to living at Carolyn's House of Faith. Carolyn's House of Faith provides sober living and addresses eliminating criminal behavior. If relapse occurs, participants are encouraged to detox and allowed re-entry into the Serenity House to complete the first stage of transition. 

We ensure that all Sisters In Christ Recovery Housing participants attend weekly AA-NA-CA meetings; continue mental health appointments to see if medications should be continued or reassessed; ensure visits to therapists are made; if applicable, ensure contact is made with attorney and children division workers; court hearings attended and services ordered by the court completed; explore spiritually and how participants became substance use addicts and help rebuild healthy relationships.

Upon completion of the program, a discharge plan is developed to include an assessment of living arrangements; ensuring AA-NA-CA meetings continue and to encourage community service.


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2023 COMBAT Funding:

2023 Service Projection:
50 People

Areas Of Focus

Serenity House: 2604 Lockridge Ave, 2604 Lockridge Ave, Kansas City, MO 64128

Habakkuk House: 4016 S Benton Ave, 4016 S Benton Ave, Kansas City, MO 64130

Carolyn's House Of Faith-Sober Living, 3607 Bales Ave, Kansas City, MO 64128