Footprints Treatment Program

At Footprints, our overarching goal is to treat and reduce substance use disorders and homelessness. Footprints' vision is a community in which people struggling with substance use, homelessness, and throughout recovery have access to the supportive services needed to have a full range of choices and autonomy in their lives. We strive to offer a path for each client-neighbor to achieve a good quality of life and a high level of independence.

Long-term recovery from substance use disorder is good for both individuals and the community; people improve their financial status, family relationships and living environments. The community benefits through lower rates of crime, reduced homelessness and related harms, and reduced recidivism and pressure on the criminal justice system.

Footprints reduces barriers to substance use disorder treatment and housing by providing treatment services at low or no cost, being located on public transportation routes, and by providing a supportive recovery housing environment for people who have been housing insecure. COMBAT funding allows Footprints to provide the following services:

1) Outpatient Treatment Services: individual counseling, education and therapy groups

 2) Recovery Community Center: drop-in center, crisis intervention, referrals, case management, support groups, PC classes, peer coaching & mentoring, and recovery-friendly social activities.

3) Recovery housing: three locations providing transitional residence for men and women with recovery support and house meetings. Residents also participate in activities at the Recovery Community Center and outpatient treatment as needed. All three of our locations provide three meals per day, all hygiene needs, and a safe, substance-free, home-like atmosphere.

4) Criminal Justice Outreach-Recidivism Reduction: working closely with probation-parole officers and drug courts to provide treatment and recovery support to clients under supervision. Provide weekly reports on attendance and UA results, plus frequent phone updates. Offer integration into a supportive and accountable community through the programs of the Recovery Community Center. 


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2023 COMBAT Funding:

2023 Service Projection:
600 People

Areas Of Focus

Wayne D. White Community Recovery Center, 4501 Troost Ave, Kansas City, MO 64110

Turning Point A, 2015 E 35th St, Kansas City, MO 64109

Turning Point B, 2001 E 35th St, Kansas City, MO 64109

Mama's House, 7414 Brooklyn Ave, Kansas City, MO 64132