Drug Counseling

Children's Mercy TIES

CHILDREN'S MERCY HOSPITAL PROGRAM -- The goal of the TIES program is to identify and support pregnant and postpartum women and their families affected by substance abuse in order to reduce drug use, promote healthier families, increase family stability through education and employment, and build on family resources. This crucial period of pregnancy and childbirth presents a valuable window of opportunity to enhance motivation and encourage women to consider substance abuse treatment. All family members, as identified by the pregnant or postpartum woman, will be served. Referrals will be accepted up to six months postpartum. Families of women 18 and older will be eligible for participation.

Cornerstones Substance-use Treatment Program

CORNERSTONES OF CARE PROGRAM -- The Cornerstones of Care Substance-use Treatment Program provides a holistic treatment approach that follows a family-functional and supported-recovery model of treatment, so that children and families learn essential skills to maintain a drug-free life. Cornerstones of Care has partnered with COMBAT for 20 years to help children and families preempt the onset of drug use or interrupt a potential cycle of substance abuse for adolescents. Cornerstones of Care serves children and youth who suffer from the effects of traumatic experiences such as neglect and physical abuse as well as substance abuse by family members and violence in the home. This can often times lead to extended out-of-home placements for children. Most children are referred by the Jackson County Family Court or the Children's Division.

Crittenton Adolescent Intensive Outpatient Program

CRITTENTON CHILDREN'S CENTER PROGRAM -- Crittenton's Adolescent Chemical Dependency Intensive Outpatient Program serves young persons, ages 12-19, middle school and high school aged from the Greater Kansas City area, experiencing problems in their lives associated with their use of substances. Crittenton treats the young person as well as their family and community, as the family and community are also affected by the use of substances. Crittenton strives to offer the highest quality, culturally competent care for its clients.

Guadalupe Center's Outpatient Treatment Program

GUADALUPE CENTER PROGRAM -- among GCI’s programming and services is the Guadalupe Center's Outpatient Treatment Program located at the agency’s Casa Feliz Counseling Center in Kansas City’s Westside neighborhood. The program began in 1991 and is a Level 3-Drug Counseling program certified by the Department of Mental Health and Division of Behavioral Health, and is staffed by bilingual, Spanish/English, qualified counselors. The proposed treatment services and activities will reach an estimated 85 unduplicated Jackson Country residents. Primarily, but not limited to, Latino adult men and women, who are low income and uninsured, facing life challenges due to use of an or multiple illicit substances.

Hope House Supported Recovery Program

HOPE HOUSE, INC. PROGRAM -- The mission of Hope House is "to break the cycle of domestic violence by providing safe refuge and supportive services that educate and empower those impacted by domestic violence. Hope House will advocate for social change that protects and engenders a person's right to live a life free of abuse." Hope House provides a State-Certified Supported Recovery Program for survivors of domestic violence, specifically addressing the co-occurrence of substance use and domestic violence. Individual and group counseling sessions are provided on a weekly basis. Other components of the program include screening and assessment, community support, and drug testing.

Imani House (Swope Health Services)

SWOPE HEALTH SERVICES PROGRAM -- The Imani House Substance Abuse Treatment Program at SHS is an established and recognized community partner in combating drug abuse in Jackson County. Imani House is an adult substance use treatment program that has served over 10,000 individuals since 1992. The program provides evidence-based services within three levels of care. Program components are designed to address the wide range of problems impacting substance use; complex family relationships, legal, financial, trauma, employment, housing, mental health and chronic medical issues. These often trigger substance use and complicate recovery.

Plaza Academy Treatment For At-Risk Adolescents

PLAZA ACADEMY PROGRAM -- The Plaza Academy's school-based substance abuse treatment program provides services for all of its 7th- 12th grade students who are at-risk for substance abuse due to their lack of success in their previous environment. This program provides individual counseling, family counseling, group counseling, group education, case management and special education services for the students. Research has shown that adolescents who stay in school and receive substance abuse treatment and education are more likely than their peers to remain drug free.

ReDiscover Coed, Women & Children's Treatment

ReDISCOVER PROGRAM -- The purpose of the Coed Treatment Services and Women and Children’s program is to reduce alcohol and/or drug use and reduce crime and violence among residents of Jackson County -- with particular focus on Lee's Summit, Blue Springs, southern Kansas City, Raytown and Grandview. This area includes just under one-third of the county's total population. ReDiscover serves all individuals in need of behavioral health services, including substance use and mental health services. However, this program focuses on individuals living in Jackson County who are involved with the family and criminal justice systems and need concurrent substance use treatment, mental health treatment and supportive services. These individuals also experience barriers to treatment, such as lack of adequate health insurance coverage, unemployment, and loss of support systems. Clients require comprehensive, continuous, and recovery-focused care.

Restart Treatment For Homeless Persons

RESTART, INC. PROGRAM -- reStart, Inc.’s Substance Abuse Treatment program serves homeless youth, adults, and families that have substance abuse and/or dependency issues that impede their ability to build resilience and sustain recovery. Providing supported recovery services helps people break the cycle of homelessness and fulfills reStart, Inc.’s mission of ending homelessness for all persons. A core principle of reStart’s programming is that everyone deserves safe, affordable, stable and permanent housing.

Rose Brooks Supported Recovery Program

ROSE BROOKS CENTER PROGRAM -- The Rose Brooks Center offers comprehensive services to survivors of domestic violence so that they may find safety and receive supportive services that will help them begin to rebuild their lives. In many situations, substance abuse and domestic violence are tightly interconnected. While substance abuse does not cause domestic violence, there is a statistical correlation between battering incidents and chemical use. Not only do batterers tend to abuse drugs and alcohol, but domestic violence also increases the probability that survivors themselves will use alcohol and drugs to cope with the violence. As such, the issues of domestic violence and substance abuse should be treated simultaneously.

TMC Recovery Health Services

TRUMAN MEDICAL CENTER PROGRAM -- The Recovery Health Services (RHS) program of TMC Behavioral Health provides evidenced-based outpatient substance use disorder and mental health treatment. With COMBAT funding, TMC offers Level 3 and 4 treatment services ,which include comprehensive assessment and treatment planning; individual substance abuse counseling; groups designed to specifically address substance use disorders; psychoeducation about the disease of addiction and psychiatric conditions; and community support.

Listed By Agency


    These are the agencies that have COMBAT-funded Drug Counselng programs.

    Children's Mercy Hospital
    » TIES (Team for Infants Exposed to Substance Abuse)
    Drug counseling for pregnant and postpartum women

    Cornerstones of Care
    » Substance-use Treatment Program
    For children and their families

    Crittenton Children's Center (St. Luke's Hospital)
    » Adolescent Intensive Outpatient Program
    For youths 12-19

    Guadalupe Centers, Inc.
    » Outpatient Treatment Program
    Services for men and women

    Hope House, Inc.
    » Hope House Supported Recovery Program
    Substance use treatment for domestic violence survivors
    Plaza Academy
    » School-Based Substance Abuse Treatment For At-Risk Adolescents
    For Plaza Academy students (grades 7-12) and their families

    » Coed, Women and Children's Treatment Services

    Restart, Inc.
    » Substance Use Treatment For Homeless Persons

    Rose Brooks Center
    » Supportive Recovery Program
    Outpatient program for domestic violence survivors 

    Swope Health Services
    » Imani House
    "One Stop Helathcare Shop," offering counseling, outpatient and partial hospitalization services

    Truman Medical Center Behavioral Health
    » Recovery Health Services
    Providing outpatient substance use disorder treatment