Intensive Outpatient Treatment

Benilde Hall Program

BENILDE HALL PROGRAM -- The mission of Benilde Hall is to provide services for treating addiction, mental health and homelessness, so individuals may return to the community as responsible, employed and permanently housed contributing members of society. Benilde Hall is an all-encompassing program, which provides substance use disorder treatment, mental health treatment, supportive residential housing and a work therapy program for homeless chemically dependent males all in one facility.

Crittenton Adolescent Intensive Outpatient Program

CRITTENTON CHILDREN'S CENTER PROGRAM -- Crittenton's Adolescent Chemical Dependency Intensive Outpatient Program serves young persons, ages 12-19, middle school and high school aged from the Greater Kansas City area, experiencing problems in their lives associated with their use of substances. Crittenton treatsthe young person as well as their family and community, as the family and community are also affected by the use of substances. Crittenton strives to offer the highest quality, culturally competent care for its clients.

Imani House (Swope Health Services)

SWOPE HEALTH SERVICES PROGRAM -- The Imani House Substance Abuse Treatment Program at SHS is an established and recognized community partner in combating drug abuse in Jackson County. Imani House is an adult substance use treatment program that has served over 10,000 individuals since 1992. The program provides evidence-based services within three levels of care. Program components are designed to address the wide range of problems impacting substance use; complex family relationships, legal, financial, trauma, employment, housing, mental health and chronic medical issues. These often trigger substance use and complicate recovery.

KC CARE Medication-Assisted Treatment

KC CARE PROGRAM -- The purpose of KC CARE Health Center’s Medication-Assisted Treatment (MAT) program is to engage patients with opioid use disorder in ongoing and coordinated outpatient care to reduce their abuse of opioids through the monitored use of buprenorphine, integrated with behavioral health care.

Kansas City Substance Use Disorder Services

HEARTLAND CENTER FOR BEHAVIORAL CHANGE PROGRAM -- Heartland Center for Behavioral Change offers Modified Medical Inpatient Detoxification services, certified by the Missouri Department of Mental Health and accredited by CARF. Heartland Center offers a client-centered approach to care with a focus on alleviating the discomfort of withdrawal symptoms. The program goal is to engage the consumer in evidenced-based practices of continuing psych-social treatment services upon discharge from the detoxification episode.

Mattie Rhodes Nuevo Amanecer (New Dawn)

MATTIE RHOADS PROGRAM -- The Nuevo Amanecer (New Dawn) program is Mattie Rhodes Center’s bilingual and bicultural substance abuse program. The primary, but not exclusive population is Spanish-speaking, Latino individuals who will benefit from a substance abuse program sensitive to their culture and language. Through our substance abuse prevention/treatment program, 80 individuals will be served with over 650 units of service. The youth and adults targeted by this program have been exposed to high rates of poverty, trauma, violence and crime. Many are already involved in/or at high-risk for involvement with the justice system (Truancy Court, Department of Corrections). Additionally, due to factors stemming from poverty, immigration status, community violence, trauma and others, many of those served by this program have co-occurring disorders and treatment needs.

ReDeiscover Coed, Women & Children's Treatment

ReDISCOVER PROGRAM -- The purpose of the Coed Treatment Services and Women and Children’s program is to reduce alcohol and/or drug use and reduce crime and violence among residents of Jackson County -- with particular focus on Lee's Summit, Blue Springs, southern Kansas City, Raytown and Grandview. This area includes just under one-third of the county's total population. ReDiscover serves all individuals in need of behavioral health services, including substance use and mental health services. However, this program focuses on individuals living in Jackson County who are involved with the family and criminal justice systems and need concurrent substance use treatment, mental health treatment and supportive services. These individuals also experience barriers to treatment, such as lack of adequate health insurance coverage, unemployment, and loss of support systems. Clients require comprehensive, continuous, and recovery-focused care.

Sheffield Place

SHEFFIELD PLACE PROGRAM -- With a mission “to empower homeless mothers and their children to heal from their trauma and gain self-sufficiency,” Sheffield Place works with high-need homeless families. Because these families have multiple severe needs -- substance abuse, mental health, violence, homelessness, lack of education or job skills, and legal issues -- Sheffield Place provides critical comprehensive services. The majority of Sheffield Place's families have experienced these challenges for generations. The overall goal is for families to become self-sufficient, healthy, productive, law-abiding community members.

TMC Behavioral Health Recovery Health Services

TRUMAN MEDICAL CENTER PROGRAM -- The Recovery Health Services (RHS) program of TMC Behavioral Health provides evidenced-based outpatient substance use disorder and mental health treatment. With COMBAT funding, TMC offers Level 3 and 4 treatment services ,which include comprehensive assessment and treatment planning; individual substance abuse counseling; groups designed to specifically address substance use disorders; psychoeducation about the disease of addiction and psychiatric conditions; and community support.

Listed By Agency


    These are the agencies that have COMBAT-funded Intensive Outpatient Treatment programs.

    Benilde Hall
    » Benilde Hall Program
    Outpatient and supportive housing for men

    Crittenton Children's Center (St. Luke's Hospital)
    » Adolescent Intensive Outpatient Program
    For youths 12-19

    Heartland Center for Behavioral Change
    » Kansas City Substance Use Disorder Services
    Offering inpatient detoxification care with ongoing treatment services 


    » Medicated-Assisted Treatment (MAT)
    For individuals with opioid use disorder

    Mattie Rhodes
    » Nuevo Amanecer (New Dawn)
    Bilingual and bicultural program

    » Coed, Women and Children's Treatment Services

    Sheffiled Place
    » Sheffield Place
    Services for homeless mothers and their children

    Swope Health Services
    » Imani House
    "One Stop Helathcare Shop," offering counseling, outpatient and partial hospitalization services

    Truman Medical Center Behavioral Health
    » Recovery Health Services
    Providing outpatient substance use disorder treatment