Child Abuse

These are COMBAT-funded programs with a child abuse emphasis or component.

Child Protection Center

CHILD PROTECTION CENTER, INC. PROGRAM -- The mission of the Child Protection Center (CPC) is to respect the child and protect their voice throughout the investigation of child abuse. The CPC accomplishes its mission and program purpose by providing forensic interviews, family advocacy and mental health services to children ages 3-17 living in Jackson County, who are victims of sexual and physical abuse or who have witnessed a homicide or violent crimes and their non-offending caregivers. The CPC’s Program ensures that children who are victims of child abuse or witness to violent crimes are properly identified, that their statements are made through forensic interviews, and that they are ensured access to all necessary mental health treatments and social supports as soon as possible. In 2019, the CPC served 807 victims of child abuse. Of those, 672 were from Jackson County.

MOCSA Comprehensive Sexual Violence Prevention

METROPOLITAN ORGANIZATION TO COUNT SEXUAL ASSAULT (MOSCA) PROGRAM -- Comprehensive Sexual Violence Prevention is an expansion program that builds on MOCSA’s success with COMBAT in previous years. This program uses a multi-level public health model to prevent sexual assault, child sexual abuse and rape, through two components: 1) MOCSA’s highly successful Youth with Problematic Sexual Behaviors (YPSB) component, an Indicated/Intensive Individualized/Tertiary Prevention effort targeting youth ages 6- to 14-years-old and their families/caregivers. 2) The MOCSA-launched Kansas City, Missouri Sexual Violence Prevention Coalition (KCMO-SVP). Together, the purpose of this two-pronged program is to prevent sexual violence make Jackson County a safer place to live. These two components, combined with MOCSA’s successful Secondary Prevention work in schools, provide an ideal, comprehensive public health approach to addressing sexual assault and sexual abuse in the community.

Sheffield Bullying/Violence Prevention

SHEFFIELD PLACE PROGRAM -- The mothers and children at Sheffield Place demonstrate the pervasive, negative effects of severe trauma. Like their mothers, the children bear deep emotional and often physical scars caused by exposure to pervasive alcohol and drug abuse; domestic violence; sexual, physical, emotional and verbal abuse; physical and emotional neglect; neighborhood violence; and the trauma of homelessness itself. Due to the trauma in their lives many of the children at Sheffield Place have the factors that put them at high risk for being bullied and/or bullying. The Bullying/Violence Prevention Project integrates education and skill development to address bullying and violence. The objectives include increasing awareness regarding bullying, teaching skills to combat bullying and empowering children through improved protective factors. The program also increases the mothers' knowledge of bullying and increase parenting skills.

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    These are the agencies that have a COMBAT-funded program with a child abuse emphasis or component.

    Child Protection Center, Inc.
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    Metropolitan Organization to Counter Sexual Assault (MOCSA)
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