Ex-Offenders / Reentry Programs

These are the agencies that have a COMBAT-funded programs with an emphasis on assisting incarcerated or recently released individuals—or individuals on probation—get theirs lives on track and help reduce recidivism.

Amethyst Place Prevention Prgrams

AMETHYST PLACE PROGRAM -- Prevention programming is delivered through Amethyst Place's Family Empowerment and Therapeutic Support Programs. The Family Empowerment Program provides prevention services related to child abuse (e.g. Parent Cafes, Strengthening Families, and Conscious Discipline programming), domestic violence (e.g. Healthy Relationships programming), drug use prevention (e.g. recovery coaching and meetings, Caring for Kids prevention), ex­offenders and violence (e.g. court advocacy), parenting and family interventions (e.g. Parent Cafes, Strengthening Families, and Conscious Discipline). The Therapeutic Support Program helps families heal from past trauma, stabilize mental health and improve parenting skills. Amethyst Place serves Jackson County mothers and children overcoming generational poverty, substance use, and trauma. In 2020, this included residential services provided to 50 women and 103 children, as well as 55 program graduates in aftercare services.

Breaking Cycles of Violence

CENTER FOR CONFLICT RESOLUTION -- Breaking Cycles of Violence (BCV) is a reentry program that bridges gaps from incarceration to community supervision to release. The program continues the conflict resolution, restorative justice and trauma training for residents and staff at the Kansas City Reentry Center. Building on the successful components of BCV, this year the Center for Conflict Resolution will add another element to bring the people who have caused harm together—when and where possible—with people who have been harmed to foster healing. People who have caused harm often become trapped in cycles of violence that affect their whole lives and the lives of others around them. BCV addresses CCR training and processes that are trauma-informed and utilize-evidence based cognitive behavior change elements to improve thoughts, emotions and behavior. The training and restorative justice processes help participants find positive ways to deal with conflict before it escalates to violence.

Prison-to-Workforce Pipeline

TWELFTH STREET HERITAGE DEVELOPMENT CORPORTATION PROGRAM -- Twelfth Street's re-entry program specifically targets men and women who have been released from the penal system. The Prison-to-Workforce Program (re-entry program) was created in 2010 to create and support employment opportunities for ex-offenders re-entering society, as well as providing supportive services to improve their chances for success. Studies show that without effective re-entry programs, recidivdism will remain high. Twelfth Street's re-entry program specifially creates opportunities to reduce the likelihood of ex-offenders returing to prison.

Probation Navigator Resource

MORNING STAR DEVELOPMENT CORPORATION, INC. PROGRAM -- This is a uniquely designed community outreach program geared towards helping individuals with real life and sometimes emergency issues/problems they are dealing with while serving their Kansas city Municipal Court community service probation time. Morning Star provides assistance as a Navigator Resource guide to city, county, state, private and public institutional resources in an effort to solve these individuals’ particular problems, issues or concerns. This effort assists individuals in self-solving issues and helps them from turning toward toward criminal ways to deal with a particular issue or problem.

Second Chance Reentry Employment Project

KANSAS CITY METROPOLITAN CRIME COMMISSION PROGRAM -- The Second Chance Reentry Employment Project will provide intensive employment focused case management services for a minimum of 30 participants who are supervised by Missouri Department of Corrections. Utilizing the evidence-based practices developed by the National Institute of Corrections (NIC), the Resource Specialist(s) work with eligible participants, area employers, landlords, community agencies and MODOC to identify employment-related barriers, address underlying issues of trauma that can lead to job loss, allocate resources for participants, and provide wraparound services related to the overall health and success of reintegration from incarceration. The Second Chance Risk Reduction Center has more than 10 years of experience contracting with MODOC to deliver reentry services, as well as over eight years of experience in reentry employment, boasting a track record of successful employment and recidivism reduction outcomes.

Workforce Opportunities For Returning Citizens

CHAMBER OF COMMERCE OF GREATER KANSAS CITY FOUNDATION PROGRAM -- The Foundation addresses crime and recidivism by providing opportunities for economic mobility through the Workforce Opportunities for Returning Citizens (WORC) program. Over the course of 2020, the Foundation implemented a pilot program to address employment needs for returning citizens and educate employers on the need for high impact jobs for formerly incarcerated individuals. In 2021 the Foundation will build on the success of the initial WORC program, which recruited eight Kansas City area employers from different industries and identified six non-profit agencies. In the next phase of WORC the Foundation will promote success and opportunities to engage this talent pipeline among the more than 2,000 business member base of the KC Chamber. Staff will continue recruitment efforts to have businesses examine hiring policies and work with non-profit partners to employ formerly incarcerated individuals.

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    These are the agencies that have a COMBAT-funded programs with an emphasis on assisting incarcerated or recently released individuals—or individuals on probation—get theirs lives on track and help reduce recidivism.

    Amethys Place
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    Chamber of Commerce of Greater Kansas City Foundation
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    Twelfth Street Heritage Development Corporation
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