Reconciliation Services REVEAL

The RS REVEAL Social and Mental Health Services Program offers comprehensive support services including housing-utilities stabilization, ID-document assistance, medical-dental supplies and prescriptions, intensive case management and case support, evidence-based individual and group therapeutic services, and no-cost meals for food-insecure clients through Thelma's Kitchen Partner Meal Distribution Program.

This strengths-based, wraparound approach to social and mental health helps individuals build resilience, find healing from trauma and depression, and supports overall community health through comprehensive programs that help prevent violence, substance abuse and crime, leading to improved health, self-sufficiency and long-term wellbeing. RS reaches individuals who are not likely to seek help for substance abuse, domestic violence issues and mental health struggles, or who defer treatment due to mistrust of institutions, lack of transportation, lack of understanding of the effects of trauma, and because of stigmas associated with mental illness, violence and substance abuse.

The community-embedded, non-institutional and stigma-free environment of RS enables REVEAL case managers and therapists to build trust, educate neighbors and provide tools for clients to find healing from trauma, increase self-sufficiency and improve long-term health outcomes. The REVEAL Program provides free, culturally competent services that seek to address root causes of poverty contributing to increased trauma, mental health issues, violence and substance abuse in the community. Through REVEAL, case managers and therapists encourage prosocial behavior to build community cohesion, and address unmet community and individual needs for social and mental health services.

RS offers an effective community intervention for violence prevention by equipping, educating and supporting individuals with resources that encourage participation in improving individual health and safety, which also contributes to overall community health and sustainability. Case managers and therapists conduct needs assessments and risk assessments for clients impacted by trauma, depression, violence and substance abuse, and walk with them to support recovery by making specific referrals for substance abuse treatment, and providing individual and group therapy and intensive case management to support a holistic healing process.

All RS clients are 185% or more below the Federal Poverty Level.


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1,800 People

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