Strawberry Quick Methamphetamine

Strawberry Quick
It looks like Pop Rocks®, the candy that fizzes in your mouth as it crackles and pops. But Strawberry Quick poses a risk far greater than a sugary treat.

Strawberry Quick is a new twist on an old drug, methamphetamine. Meth makers are trying to trick children into trying their highly addictive poison by adding to it strawberry flavoring and red food coloring - then, in some instances, even packaging the drug as if it were common candy.
Strawberry Quick
"Strawberry Quick first started showing up in California at the start of 2010, but it has quickly spread," Ortega points out. "Police have since found the drug throughout most of the country, including here in Missouri."

Strawberry Quick meth has no connection to Pop Rocks or strawberry-flavored Nestle Nesquik® powder.

Appealing to Kids
"Unfortunately, these dealers are trying to make their meth strongly resemble products kids know and use," adds Ortega. "This is pretty despicable because these tactics demonstrate the dealers aren't just going after teens, but also little kids."