Newhouse Bilingual Hotline, Crisis Support & Victim Advocacy

Hotlines serve as an essential resource for victims and bystanders of violence. Nearly 99% of all crisis hotline callers accessed at least one emergency support service, including counseling, shelter and victim advocacy.

Newhouse is an 88-bed emergency shelter facility offering safe housing and critical supportive services to domestic violence victims and their children. Within the heart of our shelter is the Hotline room, staffed by trained and experienced Hotline Advocates, who responded to over 9,500 calls last year. The Hotline serves as a critical means to access services and begin the journey from victim to survivor free from violence.

Enhancing 24/7 Services

COMBAT provides vital funding to support client-centered, trauma-informed and culturally-sensitive emergency services for domestic violence victims in our community. Funds support enhancing the local 24/7 Domestic Violence Hotline and hiring experienced Hotline Advocates who provide immediate crisis intervention, lethality assessment, and trauma counseling for both Hotline callers and victims who arrive at our shelter.

COMBAT allows us to add a second bilingual advocate to provide in-person Hotline support and in-person translation, while clients partake in trauma-recovery and housing services.

Life-Saving Services

Our shelter and staff provides life-saving services within the ecosystem support model, driven to help shatter barriers at every level while surrounding them with protective factors to promote trauma recovery and healthy relationship.

We surround the most vulnerable victims of our community with a host of protective factors. When our families are thriving, our community thrives.Our objectives include:

A) 100% of Hotline calls being  answered by a trained Advocate (or bilingual advocate) who can provide an immediate list of resources, community and shelter referrals (including Newhouse services and beds), and immediate crisis counseling

B) 90% of victims entering the shelter or hotel placement program having access to counseling immediately, and

C) 90% of Spanish-speaking victims receiving daily and therapeutic-counseling support provided by a first-native language-speaking staff member (i.e. Bilingual Advocates).


The location of Newhouse is not published as a security measure.

Newhouse, PO Box 240019, Kansas City, MO 64124

816-474-6446 ●

2023 COMBAT Funding:

2023 Service Projection:
6,224 People

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