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In conjunction with the Jackson County Prosecutor’s Office, Synergy Services developed a Diversion Specialty Court that focuses specifically on domestic violence offenders. Judges who have received domestic violence training will exclusively refer domestic violence (DV) offenders to Synergy's Jackson County BIP and Peaceful Path Diversion Program (BIP) to oversee the offenders’ progress. Synergy's BIP program staff provide individual offender assessments, group education treatment provided by the therapist and monitored case management provided by the Diversion Officer. Ninety percent of offenders will successfully complete the 42-week program.

47% Increase In Domestic Violence Statewide 

According to a study, utilizing the ACES (Adverse Childhood Experience scale) exploring the prevalence of childhood trauma in a sample of male sexual offenders, the following results were found (in comparison to males in the general population): 

  • Sex offenders had more than 3 times the odds of child sexual abuse (CSA); 
  • nearly twice the odds of physical abuse;
  • 13 times the odds of verbal abuse; 
  • and more than 4 times the odds of emotional neglect and coming from a broken home. 

Nearly half of the offenders endorsed an ACES score of 4 or more. In an internal review of data, male offenders, who participate in Synergy's BIP, had an average ACE score of 5.8. Missouri ranks third in the United States for the highest number of individuals (42% women, 35% men) who have experienced intimate partner physical violence, sexual violence or stalking.

Domestic violence crimes (rape, sodomy, assault- sexual assault, kidnapping, human trafficking) in Missouri FY2018 totaled 12,746 and increased to 23,946 (47%) by 2021, according to the Missouri State Highway Partrol.

Victim Supports

Synergy's BIP, certified by Missouri Probation and Parole since 2015, works to educate DV offenders about basic domestic violence and to assist in the facilitation of change from harmful behaviors to more positive behaviors.In 2021 BIP served 297 domestic violence offenders vs. 189 in 2015, a 36% increase.

Additionally, our BIP also provides victims support.

COMBAT funding enables Jackson County BIP and Peaceful Path Diversion Program to continue expanding its services with the Diversion Specialty Court.


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