Be a Good Role Model

Being a good role model means setting an example and answering the toughest question your kid might ask. Be a role model of the person you want your kid to be. What stronger anti-drug message is there?

Keep these tips in mind:
  • Be a living, day-to-day example of your value system. Show the compassion, honesty, generosity and openness you want your child to have.
  • Know that there is no such thing as "do as I say, not as I do" when it comes to drugs. If you take drugs, you can't expect your child to take your advice. Seek professional help if necessary.
  • Examine your own behavior. If you abuse drugs or alcohol, your kids are going to pick up on it. Or if you laugh at a drunk or stoned person in a movie, you may be sending the wrong message to your child.
A father and his son