Keep Out Of Reach Of Kids & Pets

Potent medical marijuana edibles that contain the psychoactive chemical “THC” are becoming more legally available in Missouri and across much of the nation.

Medicate responsibly, and store your stash safely by:

● Keeping any marijuana (both edible or flower) stored in a child-safe, locked container;

● Using an opaque, clearly labeled container for safe-keeping;

● Always storing it out of reach, in a high shelf or cabinet, preferably with a child lock.

● Notifying any house guests or visitors to store their marijuana in the same way while in your house.

Edible Marijuana
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What you need to know about marijuana edible effects on kids and pets:

 Anywhere from 5-300 milligrams of orally ingested THC for kids can cause severe symptoms, especially children under 12

> Symptoms range, but can include: drowsiness, being unable to wake up, imbalance

> More severe symptoms can include:  trouble breathing, hypertension (or high blood pressure), delirium (or mental unawareness), paranoia, & panic attacks

> If your child has ingested marijuana and is showing severe symptoms, doctors recommend you call 911 or go immediately to your nearest emergency room

If you are unsure if you child might be suffering from Marijuana intoxication, call the national poison control hotline: (800) 222-1222

 Anywhere from 3-9 grams of orally ingested THC per 2 lbs of body weight for pets can be lethal.

> Symptoms include: dilated pupils, urinary incontinence, more wobbly or uncoordinated, and more severe symptoms include tremors or seizures

If your pet has ingested marijuana and is showing severe symptoms, vets recommend you contact your nearest emergency pet hospital.

From The American Veterinary Medical Association

 "Veterinary cases of cannabis toxicosis in dogs stem most commonly from exposure to edibles. In these cases, there may be additional toxic ingredients involved – such as chocolate, raisins, or xylitol – which result in a poorer prognosis. Cats may also directly consume the plant material."

» avma.org