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Amethyst Place, Inc.
Kimberly Davis
2732 Troost Avenue
Kansas City, MO 64109
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Phone: 816-231-8782
Fax: 816-472-1935
Link: Amethyst Place, Inc.
2017 Award: $50,000 Treatment Summary: Amethyst Place offers transitional housing to women with substance abuse issues, and their children. The program provides families with a fully furnished private apartment, 24-hour supervision in a drug and alcohol-free environment, and professional support to improve education and employment. Amethyst Place promotes self-sufficiency and helps to develop new parenting and independent living skills.
Benilde Hall
Kent Jewell
3220 E. 23rd Street
Kansas City, MO 64127
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Phone: 816-842-5836
Fax: 816-421-5026
Link: Benilde Hall
2017 Award: $200,000 Treatment Summary: Benilde Hall provides substance abuse treatment, mental health treatment, transitional living, and a transitional job program for homeless chemically dependent males all in one facility. Their mission is to promote balanced and responsible independent living by prevention the relapse of chemically dependent homeless persons through housing and substance abuse treatment so they can work and live without the havoc and chaos caused by addiction and homelessness. Benilde Hall provides substance abuse treatment, mental health treatment, transitional living, and a transitional job program for homeless chemically dependent males all in one facility.
Children's Mercy Hospital
Oneta Templeton
2401 Gillham Road
Kansas City, MO 64108
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Phone: 816-234-3000
Fax: 816-302-9933
Link: TIES Program
2017 Award: $60,000 Treatment Summary: Children’s Mercy Hospital’s TIES Program identifies and supports pregnant and postpartum women, aged 18 years old and older, and their families affected by substance abuse in order to reduce drug use, promote healthier families, increase family stability through education and employment, and build on family resources. TIES address the areas of substance use, physical and mental health for parents and children, positive parenting, and improved housing and economic stability with home-based support, counseling, emergency assistance and other services to facilitate and encourage substance abuse treatment, relapse prevention, and long term recovery.
Comprehensive Mental Health
Julie Pratt
17844 E. 23rd Street
Independence, MO 64057
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Phone: 816-254-3652
Fax: 816-254-9243
2017 Award: $417,000 Treatment Summary: Comprehensive Mental Health Service’s The Addiction Recovery Services Program promotes abstinence by providing residential, outpatient day treatment, and supported recovery services to men and women over the age of 18 with drug and alcohol addictions. The program helps low income and underserved clients of all racial and ethnic backgrounds reduce or abstain from the use of alcohol and other drugs to create positive change in their lives. The services also assist many clients in reducing or eliminating criminal behavior and improving their employment or educational status.
Comprehensive Mental Health Services - Living In Balance
Jenny Miller
10901 E Winner Road
Independence, MO 64052
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Phone: 816-254-3652
Link: Comprehensive Mental Health Services
Limited residential support with focus on increased outpatient services and length of treatment. Evidenced-based practices and services addressing mental health needs. Becoming a trauma-informed center.
Cornerstones of Care
Angela Gregory
421 E. 137th Street
Kansas City, MO 64145
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Phone: 816-508-3600
Link: Cornerstones of Care
Help children and families achieve health, happiness, confidence, competence and self-sufficiency. Services include assessments, individual and group therapy, group education, milieu therapy and community support. Evidence-based models.
Counselor’s Obediently Prevention Substance Abuse
Angela Wesson
3800 Agnes
Kansas City, MO 64128
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Phone: 816-923-9212
Fax: 816-921-0022
2017 Award: $49,908 Treatment Summary: Counselors Obediently Preventing Substance Abuse (COPS) is a certified intensive outpatient treatment and outpatient/supported recovery through the state of Missouri for men and women 18 years of age and older. These treatment groups assist the client to develop life skills, such as, being a positive role model to their children and other family members, job training resources, relapse prevention and other recovery tools, bus passes to seek employment or go to interviews, doctor appointments and other business as part of recovery. The program has two men’s transitional houses where the men are placed in a safe, non-threatening environment and outpatient treatment is provided.
Crittenton Children's Center - Adolescent Chemical Dependency Intensive Outpatient Program
Molly Pellettiere
10918 Elm Avenue
Kansas City, MO 64134
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Phone: 816-765-6600
Fax: 816-767-4159
Link: Crittenton Children's Center
2017 Award: $105,000 Open to youth, ages 12 to 19, middle school and high school aged from the Greater Kansas City area, who are experiencing problems in their lives associated with their use of alcohol or other drugs. The program treats both the youth, as well as their family and the community, as the family and community are also affected by the use of alcohol or drugs. Crittenton treats clients and their families who come for services and have financial needs due to loss of employment, exhaustion of insurance benefits, and lack of insurance coverage for substance abuse counseling, incarceration, and other long-term problems that impinge on employment and income status. Intensive Outpatient program services include screening, assessments, treatment planning, group education and counseling, self-help support education and groups, individual sessions, family-counseling sessions, drug screening, recreational and expressive therapies and case management.
DeLaSalle Education Center - Pupil's Recovery Over Using Drugs (PROUD)
Christina Kohn
3737 Troost Avenue
Kansas City, MO 64109
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Phone: 816-561-4445
Fax: 816-561-6106
Link: DeLaSalle Education Center
2017 Award: $35,000 Treatment Summary: DeLaSalle Education Center’s Pupils’ Recovery Over Use of Drugs (PROUD) Program is an outpatient substance abuse treatment program that provides supported recovery services to high school students identified as being problem users of, or addicted to, illegal substances. The PROUD Program provides educational services onsite during the school day that include substance abuse individual counseling, group counseling, group education, and case management for students identified as having substance abuse problems.
Dismas House of KC, Inc. - Intensive Outpatient Substance Abuse Program
Rev. Ladell Flowers
3100 Main Street
Suite 301
Kansas City, MO 64111
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Phone: 816-531-6050
Fax: 816-756-0857
Link: Dismas House of KC, Inc.
2017 Award: $105,000 Treatment Summary: Dismas House of Kansas City is a certified outpatient program that works with ex-offenders to help them change their behaviors that once caused them to live a life of criminal behavior and/or drug abuse. Dismas House provides outpatient treatment to men and women with chemical abuse problems who have relapsed during their recovery program or have been assessed of being at high risk for relapse. The counseling substance abuse treatment and education services hall include but not be limited to individual counseling, correction counseling, group counseling, relapse counseling, group education, spiritual awareness group and/or faith-based networking, drug screens, and community support services as needed. The recover supports services will include transitional housing, reentry coordination, public and private transportation, workforce development, basic spiritual life skill groups, family engagement, recovery coaching, and care coordination.
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