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Sisters In Christ

Program Summary:

The Youth Life Link project helps keep at-risk youth safe and inspires them to learn about and lead violence-free lifestyles. Inspiring youth to learn along with providing culturally relevant and engaging employment opportunities will decrease the high school dropout rate. Teaching youth job readiness and on-the job-training skills will assist them in finding employment. 

Understanding appropriate recreation and how to use idle time will decrease the number of youth referred to the juvenile justice system.

Additionally, assisting youth gaining employment will improve their financial outlook and set them on the track to grow up to be adults who lead crime-free and self-sufficient lives.

Program Addresses: 

Sisters In Christ Safe Zone’s Headquarters
6317 Evanston Ave. ● Raytown, MO 64133

Workshops, athletic practices, and athletic games will take place at one of the following locations:

Super Splash USA (5330 Raytown Rd. ● Raytown, MO 64133)

Raytown Central Middle School (10691 E 59th St. ● Raytown, MO 64133)

Raytown Middle School (4900 Pittman Rd. ● Kansas City, MO 64133)

Raytown South Middle School (8401 E 83rd St. ● Raytown, MO 64138)

Raytown High School (6019 Blue Ridge Blvd. ● Raytown, MO 64133)

Raytown South High School (8211 Sterling Ave. ● Raytown, MO 64138)

Other athletic facilities located in Raytown

Community gardening will take place at Sisters In Christ (Safe Zone’s headquarters):

6317 Evanston Ave. ● Raytown, MO 64133.

816-772-3398 ●


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