Grace United Youth Employment Program

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Grace United Youth Employment Program

Program Summary:

Youth ages 13 to 17 will be provided relevant job training opportunities during summer school, and during before and after school activities. These activities can be critical in reducing violence among children. A Denmark study showed that children growing up in poverty are seven times more likely to harm themselves and be involved in violent crimes as young adults. This research highlighted the importance of providing child-friendly public services, housing and education.

The vision of this program is to assist 40 low to moderate-income children ages 13 to 17 in developing key lifelong skills that will be necessary to use in their future. Those skills will include increased independence and a sense of responsibility; a positive attitude toward teamwork; key work skills such as customer service, time-keeping and prioritizing; money management skills; preparation for full-time employment; and money legally gained to spend on their favorite past-times.

Program Addresses: 

Grace United Community Ministries
801 Benton Blvd.● Kansas City, MO 64124



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