ArtsTech Youth Employment & Training Initiative

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Program Summary:

ArtsTech offers 150 hours of youth-paid apprenticeship opportunities for 75 youth aged 13-17. Participants will learn several crucial life/career skills:

 Job readiness

 Appropriate on-the-job behavior

 Avoiding common pitfalls that cause young people to be fired

 Money management

 Time management

 Substance use and abuse prevention

 Appropriate leisure skills

 And other behaviors that translate to a healthy lifestyle. 

Participants will also learn what job placements are available and how to match their personal interests with career opportunities. Pre-employment activities include collecting all required documents, including parent/guardian approvals, and processing all youth where they will receive their job assignment so they are prepared to start work. 

After successfully completing orientation, participants will be placed on a job site that bests suits their interests and skill sets. This phase will mainly focus on getting the young person started and assimilated into the business’ work culture. Getting the young person off to a good start will set the tone for the entire year—and beyond.

Program Addresses: 

David Sullivan
1522 Holmes St. ● Kansas City, MO 64108

Bridge Leadership Academy
10521 Blue Ridge Boulevard ● Kansas City, MO 64137

Jackson County Family Court
625 E 26th St. ● Kansas City, MO 64108

2615 Holmes St. ● Kansas City, MO 64108

Hope Hangout
11115 Bennington Ave. ● Kansas City, MO 64134  

816-461-0201 ●


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