Bridge Anti-Bullying and Life Skills Program

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Bridge Leadership Academy

Program Summary:
The Bridge Youth Violence Prevention Program (The Bridge YVP) is designed to prevent and reduce factors that put youth at risk of witnessing a violent crime, being a victim of violence and/or making unhealthy choices. The program consists of a series of life skills and leadership development workshops designed to help students develop and employ healthy strategies when dealing with conflicts in everyday life. 

Workshops topics include communication strategies, goal setting, healthy relationships, positive self-talk, basic self-care and healthy coping mechanisms.

The Bridge also provides on-site psychologists who facilitate counseling sessions to address trauma, anxiety and stress, empowering youth to develop behaviors that foster safe and healthy environments for themselves. The Bridge lis collaborating with The Center for Conflict Resolution, which will assist with restorative justice seminars and additional wrap-around services.

The Bridge YVP structures curriculum based on evidence, research and resources regarding the effectiveness of youth violence prevention strategies.

Program Addresses: 
Bridge Leadership Academy
10521 Blue Ridge • Kansas City, MO 64137

816-876-7513 •


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