Medical Marijuana Is Legal In Missouri

(And Dispesanaries Are Now Open)

Start your RX education here—with some brief background information about Missouri Medical Marijuana: 

 ● In the 2018 Missouri voters approved Amendment 2 (65.5%-35.5%), making the state the 32nd in the nation to legalize medical marijuana.

 ● Support for the amendment was even higher in Jackson County, where more than 70% of voters approved the measure.

 ● Patients may qualify—with a doctor’s approval—for a marijuana perscription if they have been diagnosed with cancer, epilepsy, glaucoma and/or other medical conditions. 

 ● This constitutional amendment requires that Missouri license a minimum of 24 dispensaries in each congressional district, totaling at least 192.

 ● Not only did the county’s voters strongly back the amendment, Jackson County led the state (through June 2019) with the most business applications to grow, manufacture and sell medical marijuana products.

 ● The first licensed dispensaries in Missouri opened October 14, 2020.

 ● Medical marijuana can be purchased in a variety forms, including edibles, flower and vaping devices.


Don’t ‘Heal’ Behind the Wheel

We understand individuals using medical marijuana hope it will have a healing effect on them. But behind the wheel is no place to “heal.” Repeated studies have found marijuana use consistently impairs the ability to perform driving tasks, causing critical, potentially life-threatening mistakes. It’s important for our community to know, though medical marijuana is legal, driving while high is NOT. Don’t put yourself and others at risk.

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Be Responsible

Store Your Stash Safely Away From Kids & Pets

 You want to keep any prescription medication away from your kids and pets. They certainly won’t know the difference between a sweet treat and a marijuana edible. Would you?


Because of the THC potency of edibles, especially in relation to the smaller weight and height ratio of a child or pet, ingestion can lead to negative health consequences for them—and legal consequences for you.

 » RX Education Yourself About Marijuana Edibles

What does this mean for you and Jackson County as a community?