Crittention Substance Abuse Prevention Program (St. Luke's Hospital)

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Crittenton Behavioral Children's Center

Program Summary: Crittenton Children's Center Substance Abuse Prevention Program (SAPP) is a year-round group that is a part of the programming at the Residential Treatment Center (separate from the Co-Occurring Disorders of Adolescent Program, a COMBAT grant match program). 

SAPP has demonstrated to substantially reduce the incidence of violence and substance abuse among adolescents who have been exposed to multiple adverse life experiences that, if not proactively addressed, result in high likelihood of substance abuse. 

Within the structure of the residential program, SAPP engages approximately 100 Jackson County youth each year, girls and boys ages 12-19, who are challenged by mental illness and behavioral concerns. They are extremely vulnerable for lives of substance abuse because they come from environments defined by violence, limited parental involvement and family histories of substance abuse, mental illness and poverty. 

The residents of Crittenton Childrens' Center are placed through the court system (either 
Family Court or Juvenile Justice System). All youths are actively engaged in SAPP because all are at high risk of becoming substance users, and those who have been previously exposed to substances are at risk for continuing use. Through participation, all youths can complete the program with substantially enhanced protective factors that are known to prevent future substance use.

Program Addresses: 
10918 Elm Ave. • Kansas City, MO 64134

816-767-4323 •


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