COVID-19 Resources
We've added this section to our website to provide resources that might assist you and/or your organization during this Coronavirus pandemic. We are including information from reliable sources and will do our best to keep informaiton updated. However, be aware that most of the services here are being offered by federal, state and local agencies or other organizations, not COMBAT. Therefore, we might be unaware of any changes made. » CLICK ON THE BUTTONS BELOW

Contact: Joe Loudon • COMBAT Communications Administrator • • 816-881-4337
  1. » CLUB KC at Brush Creek: Fun Events For Teens & Families
    Arts Tech and Kansas City Parks are hosting a series of activities at the Brush Creek Community Center for youths 12 to 18 every Friday from July 10 through August 21. Face masks will be required and social distancing rules will be applied.

    » "Grab & Go" Mobile Food & School Supply Distribution August 27


  1. August 5, 2020
    2021 Funding Applications Now Being Accepted
    2021 FundingCOMBAT is now accepting applications for 2021 funding. Funding applications are available in four separate categories: 1) Violence Prevention; 2) Substance Abuse Prevention; 3) Substance Use Disorder Treatment; 4) Law Enforcement School-Based Initiative. NEW THIS YEAR: Applications can only be submitted using the new online forms that can be accessed through this website’s Form Center. DEADLINE: Forms must be submitted by 4:00 p.m., September 1, 2020. 
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  2. July 27, 2020

    Domestic Violence Was Already An Epidemic Before COVID-19

    Domestic Violence
    Domestic violence increases whenever families spend more time together—whether they’re spending more time together during the holiday season or due to a pandemic. With COVID-19 forcing many families into isolation, surges in intimate partner abuse were probably inevitable. They’ve been reported all across the nation and around the world, promptly the United Nations to declare domestic violence a global crisis. Locally, agencies that operate shelters and provide other services for abuse victims have experienced a significant increase in crisis hotline calls. They’ve also reported “not only seeing more abuse, but injuries being inflicted that are more severe. The level of violence… has only gotten worse with the pandemic.” 
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  3. July 23, 2020

    Special Masked Delivery Made

    Special Delivery of Masks
    Jackson County Legislative Chair Theresa Cass Galvin (6th District) recently made a special delivery. She delivered 300 face masks to Sisters In Christ in Raytown. Sisters In Christ operates recovery houses for women transitioning from substance use disorder treatment facilities and/or correctional facilities. Sisters In Christ also serves as the COMBAT resource hub for the STRIVIN' initiative in Raytown. 
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