Second Round Of COVID-19 Emergency Funding From COMBAT


To Our COMBAT Agencies:

Thank you for all you are doing to continue providing services in these uncertain times. During our first round of emergency funding, we focused on treatment agencies that provide “in-house” services such as recovery houses. With so many clients living in their facilities, we recognized the unprecedented and unique challenges they are dealing with during this global pandemic. These are not facilities in which practicing “social distancing” is easy.

We now want to extend the opportunity to request emergency funding to other COMBAT agencies.

We appreciate your dedication to serving the residents of Jackson County. Many of you are staying connected to your clients through Zoom and other online conferencing services. Some of you are providing meals to children who, with school not in session, might otherwise go hungry. I know at least one agency that is making hundreds of phone calls every week to each of its clients.

We want to do what we can to help you in the days and weeks ahead. We know a pandemic was not contemplated in your budget and that unexcepted expenses are being incurred.  Some of you have voiced your concerns about the financial threat the pandemic poses. To that end, we are requesting our currently funded agencies submit expenses directly related to COVID-19 preparation for consideration for reimbursement outside of your previously approved budget.

Complete the COMBAT COVID 19 Emergency Form with detailed explanations of these unplanned expenses and your plan, with expected expenses, for continuing to provide services as the COVID-19 crisis continues. 

Our staff will critically review your submission to confirm its eligibility for COMBAT funds. While a maximum amount is not being issued for your submission, our funds are limited.  We recognize that agencies do not know how long this pandemic will go on and our funds are being monitored for future needs.

The Prosecutor’s Office and COMBAT administration understand that providing the vital services you do is always challenging, but particularly so now. We are committed to doing all we can to assist you during this global crisis.

Please see the attached form for submission of your request for funds. Deadline for these funds is Wednesday, April 15, 2020 by the close of business.  All submissions should be directed to Executive Director Vince Ortega at  

Thank you for all that you. We are in this together.

Jean Peters Baker
Jackson County Prosecutor


» Request Form (.doc)

Agencies can download this request for emergency funding form and e-mail it directly to COMBAT Director Vince Ortega at

The deadline is end of business Wednesday, April 15, 2020.

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