Children's Mercy TIES

Treatment for Infants Exposed to Substance Abuse

The goal of the TIES (Team for Infants Exposed to Substance use) Program is to identify and support pregnant or postpartum women and their families affected by maternal substance use in order to reduce drug use, promote healthier families, increase family stability through education and employment, and build on family resources. 

This crucial period of pregnancy and childbirth presents a valuable window of opportunity to enhance motivation and encourage women to consider substance use treatment and related life changes to promote their infants' health.

All family members, as identified by the pregnant or postpartum woman, will be served. Referrals are accepted up to six months postpartum, with families of women 18 years of age and older being eligible for participation.

The TIES Program provides wrap-around services to support recovery from substance use disorder. While staff have a well-informed understanding of substance use disorders treatment options and are able to provide substantial substance use education, substance use treatment is not provided by the TIES Program. Rather, we address the areas of substance use, physical and mental health for parents and children, positive parenting, and improved housing and economic stability with home-based support, counseling, emergency assistance and other services to facilitate and encourage substance use treatment, relapse prevention, and long-term recovery.

So although the TIES Program does not provide traditional drug counseling with certified addiction counselors, support for SUD treatment and building a community of social support, encouragement of relapse prevention strategies, and counseling to promote long-term recovery are provided. All services are delivered by state-licensed masters level social workers. 


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