These are the agencies that have a COMBAT-funded program with a direct connection to COMBAT's Striving Together to Reduce Violence In Neighborhoods (STRIVIN') initaitive.

Hickman Mills Hope Hangout

HICKMAN MILLS PREVENTION COALITION -- The project provides supportive services for students at high risk of violence or affected by violence between 12 – 20 years of age and their families who are from the Universal, Selected, and Indicated populations to the Hangout within Hickman Mills School District's Burke Academy. Students are reffered by the school district, KCPD South Patrol, Youth Court and Family Court. Due to Covid-19, the students are being assigned to Hope Hangout for virtual and physical support every day of the week (with the exception of Sunday) through the school year and four days a week during the summer. The hours Monday through Friday are 10:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m. and noon to 3:00 p.m. on most Saturdays. Hope Hangout offers academic support, mental health support, youth leadership development, parenting classes and mentoring, and a safe space to dwell daily in South Kansas City.

Hope House's Targeted Domestic Violence Program

HOPE HOUSE, INC. PROGRAM -- Hope House's Targeted Domestic Violence Program addresses the identified need to bridge the current gap in services that has been recognized by the Independence STRIVIN' Committee. Project staff provide on-site advocacy and therapy services for residents of Hawthorne Place Apartments who are currently or have previously experienced domestic violence. As a result of being able to access services on-site, Hope House anticipates survivors will have the resources and support needed to keep themselves and their families safe, cope with the trauma they have experienced and remain in stable and secure housing.

Independence STRIVIN' Initiative

COMMUNITY SERVICES LEAGUE PROGRAM -- In 2017, CSL began its work in the Hawthorne Place Apartments & Townshomes providing employment coaching, financial coaching and income supports/direct assistance. In a little over three years, the program has grown to include Family Stability Coaching, forming a community group to create a Trauma Informed/Resiliency Community Plan, working with Independence Police (IPD) to create a Crisis Response Plan, and working with IPD and Hope House to begin door-to-door outreach for domestic violence victims. The Independence STRIVIN' area has expanded to include Northwest Indepenence and Sugar Creek. Located in the heart of this community, Blendwell is the CSL Work Life Center.

Ivanhoe East Quadrant Safety Initiative

IVANHOE NEIGHBORHOOD COUNCIL PROGRAM -- The Initiative is focused on reducing violent crime and preventing conditions that contribute to violence in a targeted area of the Kansas City neighborhood, east of Highway 71 between Euclid Street and Prospect Avenue from 31st to Cleaver Boulevard. As the progress continues, the Initiative’s focus will expand west along major streets, including the 39th Street corridor where Ivanhoe continues to develop housing, mixed-use and commercial projects. The ultimate goal is to eliminate defined “hot spots” for crime along Prospect and deter crime in emerging areas of development. Through a collective impact strategy, Ivanhoe will work with residents and adjacent neighbors to meet four primary outcomes: 1) Increased neighborhood social cohesion, advocacy and organization; 2) Improved neighborhood capacity and sustainability; 3) Decreased violent crime and illegal activities 4) Increased long-term economic development projects and investment.

Mattie Rhodes Violence & Intervention

MATTIE RHODES CENTER -- The Violence Intervention and Prevention (VIP) program at Mattie Rhodes Center (MRC) focuses on promoting protective factors, facilitating multicomponent interventions and mobilizing community-wide strategies that mediate the risk factors of violence. The goal is to reduce violence and educate the participants in positive life-skills, conflict resolution tactics, cultural awarenes and community appreciation to instill self-esteem, hope, and purpose to the youth and families in Kansas City’s Historic Northeast community. VIP targets three tiers of youth in the Northeast neighborhood; 1) youth under the age of 18 residing/attending school in the Historic Northeast, 2) at-risk youth living in a high-risk community, and lastly 3) youth who have begun to display delinquent behavior and are at high-risk of entering the juvenile justice system.

Reducing Compound Trauma In Hot Spots

CENTERS FOR CONFLICT RESOLUTION PROGRAM -- This project brings trauma-informed conflict resolution processes and training and restorative justice practices to children, youth and adults in four COMBAT-identified hot spots. This project serves approximately 600 people in schools, neighborhoods, families and courts. CCR participants are identified as having caused harm or having been harmed. They live, work or go to school in high crime and high violence areas. They have experienced individual, historical, societal, cultural or secondary trauma. Conflict resolution training and processes are a needed aspect of the full-scale intervention COMBAT is creating, making a direct contribution to violence prevention efforts by successfully promoting the idea that conflicts can be resolved without violence. Since conflict can and sometimes does lead to violence, conflict resolution effectively reduces violence.

Safe Zone

SISTERS IN CHRIST PROGRAM -- Safe Zone (SZ) is a neighborhood-based hub that offers access to community resources and direct services under one roof. Based on a violence reduction service delivery system, Safe Zone addresses risk factors for primarily socio-economically disadvantaged underserved youth and families living in high violent crime neighborhoods. The project will serve 50 Raytown families with middle school age children and provide innovative, comprehensive culturally-relevant direct services coupled with a robust referral system based in strong collaborative partnerships.

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    These are the agencies that have a COMBAT-funded program with a direct connection to COMBAT's Striving Together to Reduce Violence In Neighborhoods (STRIVIN') initiative.

    Centers for Conflict Resolution
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    Community Services League

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    Hickman Mills Prevention Coalition
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    Hope House, Inc.
    » Hope House's Targeted Domestic Violence Program

    Mattie Rhodes Center
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    Sisters In Christ
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