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Rose Brooks Center

Program Summary:
Project SAFE is a successful, evidence-based, in-school community violence prevention program that has been proven successful in reducing and/or eliminating violent behavior and promoting lives free of violence. With continued funding, COMBAT is supporting 600 students (pre-K through 12th grade) at nine Jackson County public schools in 2020 that span three local districts: Kansas City Public Schools, Grandview School District and Center School District. Project SAFE focuses on Community Violence Prevention and also provides innovative prevention for Teen Dating Violence. 

Program Addresses: 
Boone Elementary School • 8817 Wornall Rd. • Kansas City, MO 64114

Center Elementary School • 8401 Euclid Ave. • Kansas City, MO 64132

Central High School • 3221 Indiana Ave. • Kansas City, MO 64128

East High School • 1924 Van Brunt Blvd. • Kansas City, MO 64127

James Elementary School • 5810 Scarritt Ave. • Kansas City, MO 64123

John T. Hartman Elementary School • 8111 Oak St. • Kansas City, MO 64114

Martin City Middle School • 201 E. 133rd St. • Kansas City, MO 64145

Trailwoods Elementary School • 6201 E. 17th St. • Kansas City, MO 64126

Whittier Elementary School • 1012 Bales Ave. • Kansas City, MO 64127

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