EarlystART 2023 Prevention Program

Formerly United Inner City Services

In 2023, EarlystART anticipates serving up to 230 students (age six weeks to 5 years) and their families through its early childhood educational centers in the urban core of Kansas City. EarlystART provides a child-centered, play-based curriculum taught by highly credentialed teachers in an arts-infused environment

EarlystART's wrap-around services also enhance family stability, encourage strong parent-child relationships, and contribute to the children's overall development and education.

The primary purpose of the program is to engage families and young children with healthy social-emotional regulation and coping techniques to reduce and prevent violence. EarlystART provides an environment in which children and their families feel secure, and is committed to providing a safe and stable place for all students to learn and grow. 

Arts Integration

Further, a growing body of research finds that arts integration—the “blending of content and skills between an art form and a co-curricular subject”—supports academic achievement and social behavior. EarlystART's centers are a safe, uplifting resource for children and family support that strengthens resiliency and quality of life.

The COMBAT-supported program infuses the arts into the learning environment and offers community experiences in the arts with support for a full-time arts educator, daily arts instruction, teacher training, and family engagement activities designed to align with developmental needs.


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816-994-5400 • earlystartkc.org

2023 COMBAT Funding:

2023 Service Projection:
230 People

Areas Of Focus

EarlystART-St. Mark Child & Family Development Center, 2008 E 12th St, Kansas City, MO 64127

EarlystART-Metro Child & Family Development Center, 3827 Troost Ave, Kansas City, MO 64109