KC Truancy Intervention Program (TIP)

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Kansas City Municipal Court

Program Summary:
The purpose of the Kansas City Truancy Court is to ensure that children between the ages of 7 and 17 are in school as mandated by law. The Truancy Intervention Program (TIP) is designed to improve the school attendance of youths who are referred to the program by their school districts and to empower parents and guardians who were cited for their children not attending school as directed under the compulsory law while also giving resources to the families as needed.

TIP seeks to identify barriers to school attendance and provide support to the parent or guardian and children, resulting in regular school attendance, improvement in academic performance and possible behavior change. The program strives to provide parents or guardians with community resources to overcome the challenges of getting the children to school daily.

Program Addresses: 
Kansas City Municipal Courts
511 E 11th St. • Kansas City, MO 64106

Northland Dependency Services
3917 Broadway Blvd. • Kansas City, MO 64111

816-513-6790 • kcmo.gov/city-hall/departments/municipal-court


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