Crime Commission Second Chance Reentry Employment Program

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Kansas City Metropolitan Crime Commission

Program Summary:
The Second Chance Reentry Employment Project will provide intensive employment focused case management services for a minimum of 30 participants who are supervised by Missouri Department of Corrections. Utilizing the evidence-based practices developed by the National Institute of Corrections (NIC), the Resource Specialist(s) work with eligible participants, area employers, landlords, community agencies and MODOC to identify employment-related barriers, address underlying issues of trauma that can lead to job loss, allocate resources for participants, and provide wraparound services related to the overall health and success of reintegration from incarceration. 

The Second Chance Risk Reduction Center has more than 10 years of experience contracting with MODOC to deliver reentry services, as well as over eight years of experience in reentry employment, boasting a track record of successful employment and recidivism reduction outcomes.. 

Program Addresses: 
Second Chance Risk Reduction Center
3100 Broadway • Suite 302 • Kansas City, MO 64111-2494

816-231-0450 •


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