Community Outreach Prevention Strategies

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City of Blue Springs

Program Summary:
The program is a recognized diversion system dedicated to changing behaviors, changing lives and turning young people towards healthy lifestyles. The desired outcome of the COPS program is to help youth develop resistance strategies and appropriate behaviors to reduce the likelihood that they will begin using or experimenting with drugs or alcohol or engage in bullying or criminal behavior. Preventing a first-time offender from further encounters with the justice system not only prevents the onset of adult criminal careers and reduces the burden of crime on its victims and on society, it saves young lives from being wasted and identifies possible at-risk youth. 

Program Address: 
1100 SW Smith St. • Blue Springs, MO 64015

816-220-4546 •


    These are the agencies that have a COMBAT-funded program with a  diversion emphasis or component. Some of these programs might also be considered an alternative to the standard justice system.

    City of Blue Springs
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