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Child Protection Center, Inc.

Program Summary:
In 2018, the Child Protection Center (CPC), a nationally accredited child advocacy center, served 806 victims of child abuse. Of those, 691 were from Jackson County. Today, evidence-based research continues to establish a strong link between victims of child abuse and the potential for future juvenile delinquency and criminal activities; substance use disorders;  and adult criminal behavior (often violent)—and also a link between child abuse and substance abuse in the home. The Child Protection Center’s Program addresses these links by providing forensic interviews, family advocacy and mental health services for child abuse victims ages 3-17 who have been sexually or physically abused or who have witnessed a homicide or extreme violence. Services are also available to their non-offending caregivers. 

Program Address: 
3101 Broadway Blvd. • Suite 750 • Kansas City, MO 64111

816-778-8001 •


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