UPDATED MONDAY, MAY 18, 2020 • 9:43 A.M.
COMBAT will be posting information as promptly as possible as we receive it from agencies.

May 2020 Updates

ArtsTech • May 6 Update

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, ArtsTech’s physical doors were closed the entire month of April, but we are open virtually. Currently, we’re offering digital, visual and fiber arts programming instruction online through Zoom meetings, emails and Google Classroom.
Staff developed three online classrooms where students are given assignments, which include creating PSA’s, new safety signs for the building, designs for the Northeast community gardens water towers, development of our new web page, hand washing videos, visual art, magnets, jewelry, rhymes, sketch art, patch designs for masks and other creative ways to spread the message of staying safe, healthy and busy during these isolated times. 
During the month of May, small groups of youth will start coming back to the office to work on project-based projects such as sewing masks, creating new artwork, jewelry, magnets and assisting the tech studio with readying refurbished laptops for customers. In June, we plan to resume larger physical programming in the arts studio on Wednesday and Thursday evenings, hosts two community youth projects, complete previous commissioned art projects and prepare sketched ideas for gift bag items for the annual golf tournament held in September.
Youth have been amazingly receptive to the work from home projects where they practice technical skills, community arts and collaboration, as well as entrepreneurial skills within the arts.  We are extremely proud of the outcome and can’t wait to display all of their fantastic creations.

Benilde Hall • May 6 Update

We are working really hard to support our clients through this time. We have been blessed to not have any issues with COVID-19, yet.

Starting May 10 we will start relaxing some of the restrictions for our clients:

  • Only visitors allowed will be outside professionals like caseworkers.
  • Client can start looking for employment. They still need to clear leaving Benilde Hall with their counselor.
  • All clients leaving property need to wear a mask.
  • All clients leaving property need clearance from their counselors. 
  • We will continue store runs for now.
  • No weekend passes yet.
  • Curfew is still 7:00 p.m.
  • Group sessions still need to be 10 people or fewer.
  • Outside groups will be allowed to return. Must be approved through me.

Center For Conflict Resolution • May 6 Update

The CCR has and is continuing to conduct mediations and conflict coaching via the phone and Zoom. We are in contact with all of our STRIVIN' "hotspot" partners and have done some virtual conflict resolution training with Sisters In Christ in Raytown.

CCR is conducting virtual training in Restorative Justice and Neighborhood Accountability Boards (NAB) on Friday, May 15 from 8:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. for "hotspot" participants. We are doing mentoring for youths who have participated in our NABs.

CCR is continuing plans to with the Missouri Board of Prisons for the work in the Kansas City Release Center, and we are holding conflict resolution classes on Zoom for men on probation or parole.

Child Protection Center • May 6 Update

Starting May 18 the CPC will start to ramp services back up to normal levels. Instead of running one team a week we will begin to run with two teams a week until through the end of May. We have a backlog of cases that need to be scheduled.

These are families who did not want to come to the center for the forensic interview until the stay at home order was lifted. We have approximately 35-40 of these to schedule.

Our intent is to resume normal operation June 1. However, we will be referring to the City, Jackson County and the Centers For Disease Control for guidance regarding social distancing, use of masks and evaluating the cooperation of families. If changes to operations need to be made, we will re-assess.

We are working with the provider of our recording equipment to enhance the sound so staff and clients can wear masks while at the CPC for the foreseeable future. 

Crittenton • May 11 Update

Crittenton is continuing normal programming for the Residential Units and will continue remote programming for the community CD-Intensive Outpatient clients through the end of May. We will reevaluate the need for continuing remote programming at the beginning of June, based on COVID-19 data and trends available at that time. 

First Call • May 6 Update

Kansas City Mayor Quinton Lucas’ Stay At Home Order issued on April 16, 2020 in response to the COVID-19 pandemic is set to expire on May 15, 2020. In consultation with the First Call Leadership Team and Board of Directors, First Call Alcohol/Drug Prevention & Recovery plans to extend remote service delivery via telehealth and HIPAA-compliant videoconferencing beyond this point until June 15, 2020. The office at 9091 State Line will remain closed and First Call employees will continue to work from home.

This guideline applies to full-time employees who work both at First Call and in the community. First Call directors and team leaders will continue to work with staff to make sure each team remains well coordinated. Our intent is to stay  productive toward our mission and goals as well as meet our social responsibility to protect the health of First Call staff, clients and the greater community.

Since we do not have clarity on how long it will be until we have a) adequate testing, b) antibody testing, c) effective treatment, and/or d) a vaccine for COVID-19, we will evaluate the situation on an ongoing basis and provide regular updates as we receive additional information. 

Legal Aid of Western Missouri • May 6 Update

Legal Aid of Western Missouri remains operational during the COVID-19 pandemic with most staff members working remotely. Client walk-ins are not allowed at this time, but individuals may still apply for legal assistance by calling 816-474-6750. Please see lawmo.org/coronavirus for more information on Legal Aid’s response and resources.

The Adopt-A-Neighborhood Project (AAN) at Legal Aid is still assisting current clients and performing intake with new clients. We continue to represent urban core neighborhood associations with abandoned property issues and other services related to economic development. For individuals, we can assist with certain tenant rights and consumer rights issues, as well as estate planning and correcting residential title issues. 

Metropolitan Organization to Counter Sexual Assault • May 6 Update

MOCSA is available 24 hours a day through our crisis line (816-531-0233 or 913-642-0233), and our services continue to be available to survivors in need. Counseling is available by telephone, and MOCSA is implementing telehealth video counseling for clients who prefer that service method. Therapists are also available on the crisis line. 

Welcome House • May 18 Update

Welcome House has remained open and operating amind th COVID-19 pandemic. Effective May 15, Welcome House began accepting new admissions (on the the first and 15th of each month). Newly addmitted residents who are being admitted without coming to Weclome Home from a confirmed quaratined environment, such as a partnering agency, will be required to be quaratined within the Welcome House facility for the first 14 days of residencey.

More information is able on the Welcome House website. 

Whatsoever Community Center • May 6 Update

Whatsoever is planning to start it summer program as usual at the end of May, but is to have a professional on-site to screen the kids participating at least at the start of the summer.

Previous Updates

AdHoc Group Against Crime

Effective March 17, AdHoc staff is working remotely to continue to provide our clients with high-quality services and support. AdHoc’s remote office hours will be from 10:00 AM - 4:00 PM Monday through Friday. As always, our 24-HR Community Helpline (816-861-5500) will remain active.

For clients receiving counseling services, in-home therapy is suspended for 30 days. The therapist will continue to see clients at their select offices and will provide therapy to those who qualify for counseling over the phone. Other programs provided in schools and jails have been suspended for 15 days. Those who are court-ordered for Cognitive Behavior Intervention (Thinking for a Change), appointments will be rescheduled for the week of April 6. Caring for Crime Survivors Program will be coordinated through the Jackson County Prosecutor's Office. 

Blue Springs School District

Similar to other area school systems, all of our collaborative districts are holding students out of classes through April 3 and are scheduled to return on April 6.  In the interim, preparations are being made for the possibility of online learning, if this should become necessary.  Regarding individual student services with the Prevention Services and Drug Abatement Coordinator, skype and/or teleconferencing options are being discussed and considered. At this point, everything is very fluid as things are evolving with the COVID-19 virus, but all decisions are being made in light keeping students and families safe.

Boys & Girls Clubs Of Greater Kansas City

These are the services that have been and continue to offered to the Clubs members and their members at Club sites throughout the metro:

On-site Meal Pick-Up Service: continues from 8:00 a.m. - 9:30 a.m. and 11:00 a.m. - 1:00 p.m. daily for breakfast and lunch pick-up service. The number of meals served has increased every day since we began this service two weeks ago and we are now preparing and providing around 500 meals daily, which we expect to increase further in the coming week. 

Delivery Meal Service: Club staff are in contact with members ongoing and if any member is unable to get to the Clubs for pick-up, meals are being delivered to them. 

Additional meals and snacks are being sent home with or delivered to any member if there is any uncertainty related to food stability in their home.

Most of our Club sites are located in food deserts and our members, largely living near the poverty line, reside primarily within a two-mile radius of our Club sites. More than ever, the Clubs are serving as a primary source of food stability for many of our members.

Daily well-check phone calls by staff members have proven a valuable tactic, as our Club members have the opportunity to spend a few minutes talking with those mentors with whom they have built strong bonds through daily interaction in the Clubs. Staff have several options that they are able to utilize should these well-checks reveal that a Club member is in an unsafe situation, including bringing that member to the Club for a period of time. 

We continue to provide members with activity kits, books and other resources to keep them busy and stimulated in a productive manner. Our Reading Roadmap tutors created nine different learning packets based on grade and reading levels. Each of these packets contains 30 minutes of activities for eight days of lessons. These have been well-received by our members and parents alike. We are continuing to encourage Club member engagement through our social media channels, challenging members and friends to participate in our 30-Day Challenge with a different activity for each day. 

Finally, the 2020 State Youth of the Year, which is slated for mid-April, has been shifted to a tele-competition. Our outstanding Youth of the Year, Ramya, from the Hawthorne Unit, will take part in a video panel interview in a couple of weeks as well as give her speech to the judges via video conference.

This is a trying time for all of us. Here at the Clubs, we remain steadfast in our commitment to ensure all Club members not only have access to meals and other basic necessities, but that they also remain connected to our staff and programs. We want to ensure our members, even during this time of isolation and distancing, have the encouragement and support of their Club staff.

Bridge Leadership Academy

Bridge Leadership Academy has taken preventative and repsonsive actions to proactively address the Coronavirus pandemic.... Bridge has launched an online portal to continue to engage students and maintain our work that enhances students for success and in the upcoming weeks, we will do everything we can to serve students.

Chamber of Commerce of Greater Kansas City Foundation

The Greater Kansas City Chamber of Commerce through the Chamber of Commerce of Greater Kansas City Foundation continues to work on initiatives to help reduce violent crime in the Kansas City regionwhich includes reducing recidivism rates through economic opportunities for returning citizens. The KC Chamber will continue its Workforce Opportunities for Returning Citizens program during the 2020 calendar year. The health and safety of our members is the KC Chamber’s number one priority. In response to the coronavirus outbreak, we are postponing scheduled initiative programming to the summer and fall months of 2020. The updated scope of work for the WORC initiative includes:

WORC Initiative Employer Engagement
The KC Chamber has recruited eight member businesses to participate in the WORC pilot program andcoordinate with non-profit agencies serving returning citizens to fill open job opportunities. Employers that are participating in the program in 2020 include:

• Boulevard Brewing, Co.
• Jacobson Holding, TransAm Trucking
• Evergy
• Menlo ITC
• Hampton Inn and Suites in the Crossroads
• Holiday Inn on the Plaza
• JE Dunn
• Turner Construction

Employer Education Program
The new proposed timeline for the employer education series:

• WORC orientation with employers and non-profit agencies – June 2020
• Re-entry simulation in coordination with the Kansas City Metropolitan Crime Commission – June
• Understanding Probation and Parole – July 2020
• Roundtable with Returning Citizens – August 2020
• Tour of the Kansas City Re-entry Center – August 2020
• Best Practices and Community Resources – September 2020
• Liability and Insurance Resources around Hiring Returning Citizens – September 2020
• Pilot Program Debrief – October 2020

Certification Component
The KC Chamber will convene a series of meetings with WORC pilot program employers to understandthe training and employable skills that returning citizens should have upon entry into the workforce.These meeting will help guide the training programs offered to returning citizens to develop a regionalstandardized certification program to ensure returning citizens are “work ready.”

Returning Citizen Hiring Toolkit
The KC Chamber will hold a series of meetings with the Society of Human Resource Managers of Kansas City (SHRM) to develop a regional toolkit for hiring returning citizens. This guide will be based on existing SHRM resources on fair hiring policies. The toolkit is scheduled to be deployed in the first quarter of 2021.

The KC Chamber will work with non-profit agencies and WORC pilot employers to track returning
citizens through the hiring process. The KC Chamber will continue to work towards achieving its stated metric goal of having twenty returning citizens hired through the WORC program in 2020.

Child Abuse Prevention Association (CAPA)

CAPA’s two offices are officially closed until April 3. Counseling intakes for new families are on hold. Currently enrolled families have the option to receive sessions via phone and secure video-conferencing. Families who participate in home visiting will also receive services by phone.

Diapers and other needed supplies will be dropped off at homes without any further contact.

Lastly, parenting education as well as all school-based education, prevention and treatment services have halted until school resumes.

Comprehensive Mental Health Services, Inc.

Beginning Thursday, March 19, Comprehensive Mental Health Services will no longer have Walk-In (Open Access) visits at any of our locations, and on-site services will be temporarily suspended. We are not closed. We will continue to field scheduled appointments through phone calls and video conferencing and will respond to urgent and emergencies as needed.

We are committed to meeting the behavioral health and substance use needs of our community while at the same time doing our civic duty to respond to the COVID-19 crisis,  according to the best guidelines available.

Please contact your primary service provider with questions and to maintain your scheduled appointments. You may also call our main number 816-254-3652.  If you are experiencing a mental health crisis, please call 1-888-279-8188.

Cornerstones of Care

The following plans have been in effect since last week and are in effect, with regular monitoring, through April 5, 2020. Cornerstones of Care has an infectious disease steering team that is meeting (remotely) at least once each day at 8:00 a.m. to review, plan, revise and act regarding ongoing program and service operations. The agency has taken an approach that empowers our associates to utilize technology as a resource, but continue in-person support on a case-by-case exception basis. We will continue to assess if additional changes are necessary to our practices during this time.  

Regarding Outpatient/In-Home services we offer:

• We continue accepting new referrals for the services

• Follow the direction of each court on hearings

Telehealth as a platform and service provision modality is not new to us as an agency. We have armed our associates with guidance that has flexibility in the mechanism utilized to support our clients and balance our associate safety with the safety and risk of our clients and families. At a high level, the guidelines we have given our client-facing associates is that video and/or phone technology should be utilized as the primary service provision method, but on a case-by-case basis exceptions can be made for face-to-face service provision. All of our associates know to take proper precautions and screen those they are to be face to face with. 

Telehealth utilization has been encouraged by the Department of Health and Human Services and Missouri Medicaid. Guidance went out giving permission to use Face Time, Facebook Messenger, Skype or Google Hangouts for video services. We should not use Facebook LIVE, Twitch, Tik Tok or other similar apps. Our HIPPA compliant platform is Zoom and the guidance we gave our associates was that Zoom should always be a first resort, but if not available/possible, then move on to other platforms freely and confidently. 

We document conversations and verbal consent with participants regarding how therapeutic impressions could be impacted by using tele-health rather than face-to-face interaction.

Regarding the Substance Use services we offer to clients in our facilities:

• PPE and sanitation supplies are on campus and amounts are regularly monitored

• No more than 15 people in the same place, inside or outside 
>> Limit time large groups of youth spend in common areas
>> Meals provided in dorms

• Continue to accept referrals

• We continue to admit on a case-by-case basis

• Cease all visitors to campus (mentors, parents, guardians, case managers, treatment team members, volunteers, etc.)
>> Individual exceptions for legal guardians only can be made on a case-by-case basis. 

• Cease all in person home passes for youth
>> Utilize video or phone technology for parents/guardians/relatives and others to interact with the client
>> Increase the number of contacts for youth via technology
>> Individual exception requests shall be brought to the program and regional director for review.

• Cease all group excursions into the community

• On campus schools will follow the same physical closing patterns as the host districts (Gillis - Kansas City and Ozanam- Grandview)
>> If feasible, school software technology will be leveraged to continue education of clients

• Continue in-person individual therapy and therapy groups to youth on campus

• Continue expressive therapies

• Continue Substance Use services

• Provide family therapy by phone or via video technology

• If youth has a planned discharge in next 30 days, work with team to determine appropriate next steps.

• Conduct treatment reviews via phone or video technology

• Participate in all other case related reviews/meetings via phone or video technology

• Make youth available for court hearings as directed by the individual court

• Continue to utilize telehealth for health related needs

• Cease dental appointments off campus

• Isolate sick or exposed youth from other youth per our own Emergency Management Plans and Continuity of Care Plans

FosterAdopt Connect

FosterAdopt Connect is addressing the COVID-19 virus by moving all staff to a work from home plan as of Wednesday 3/18.  We will continue to be responsive to your emails during the length of this protective social distancing measure. We currently anticipate returning to our offices on April 1, 2020, however that is subject to change if conditions warrant it.

Healing House, Inc.

At Healing House we provide recovery housing to nearly 200 residents. We  have modified our normal operations to provide extra protection to our consumers. 

1) We have suspended all large group meetings. Residents are holding meetings in the individual houses.

2) We have closed our dining hall. Meals are being delivered to the residents in their houses.

3) We have suspended outside visitors until further notice.

4) Temperatures are taken daily, along with special precautions instituted for hand washing and use of sanitizer when residents leave and return to the building.

5) These same precautions are in place when individuals come for the currently reduced services at the Recovery Community Center.

High Aspirations

The staff is in the office during the week, but since our population of boys and young men we serve are over the amount recommended by the State of Missouri for social distancing, we are doing online meetings this Saturday, March 21 and next Saturday, March 28. High Aspirations will be using to Zoom to conduct these online video meetings. Among the topics this Saturday: "Further discussion about the Coronavirus (COVID-19)."

Metropolitan Organization to Counter Sexual Assault

Our offices are temporarily closed through March 27, but WE ARE STILL HERE FOR YOU!

• Individuals can access support through our 24 hour crisis line (816-531-0233 or 913-642-0233). In addition to our crisis line staff, we also have licensed therapists available to provide more in-depth services via phone if needed. 

• Staff are available during regular business hours to respond to emails and phone calls.

• Counseling will transition to telephone sessions, as possible. For child clients, support will be provided to parents/caregivers via phone.

• All advocacy will be done over the phone(hospital, law enforcement and court) with prompt follow up support.

• Education and prevention activities are suspended. Staff are exploring online platforms to continue supporting schools and students.

• Public events and outreach- are canceled.

Reconciliation Services

Reconciliation Services remains open at this time.  We offer to-go meals Monday-Friday, 11:00 am. - 2:00 p.m. And we are still servicing those in need of ID/Document assistance—demand has increased for ID and Documents—utility assistance, rent assistance and prescription assistance through Kansas City Medicine Cabinet.

We have stopped in-person group therapy and are looking into options to provide this remotely.  We are also moving to teleconferencing for therapy. We have changed procedures internally to increase hygiene, including but not limited to wiping down desks/surfaces daily, encouraging increased hand washing, practicing social distancing, and limiting staff in the office. We also implemented daily temperature checks for all staff and clients entering the building along with a questionnaire. 

Reconciliation Services provided COMBAT a copy of the questionnaire in the hopes it might be useful for other agencies.

»  Download COVID-19 Questionnaire 


ReDiscover cares about our clients and the people who work for us. We are monitoring the COVID-19 situation and making modifications as
recommended by the Missouri Department of Health and the CDC. Effective Wednesday, March 18, we will be modifying our services.

• ReDiscover is not closing. We are here for you via phone.

• We will be providing as many services as possible through telehealth and working with clients to coordinate care.

• ReDiscover staff who can work remotely have been asked to do so to help reduce exposure.

• Please call our business line at 816-966-0900 if you have questions, need to speak to someone during normal business hours, or need to schedule an appointment.

• Please call our crisis line at 888-279-8188 if you are experiencing an emergency.

Sisters In Christ

fSisters In Christ is currently following the most current protocol and practice issued by the Center of Disease Control (CDC) and SAMHSA (Substance Abuse and Mental Health Service Administration).  Each of our Recovery Homes was supplied with appropriate sanitation supplies for disinfectant purposes, as well as an adequate food supply sufficient for several weeks. We held an all-inclusive house meeting to review, explain and provide necessary information and awareness to assist the ladies in their understanding of the COVID-19 situation and the seriousness of the precautionary measures we have implemented. It is our goal to give the ladies updated information and the safest environment possible. 

Welcome House, Inc.

Welcome House, a sober-living facility for men 21 and older, is open and operating.

We continue to monitor the updates, recommendations and directives of local officials and the CDC.  Here are the interventions we are working on (or have already implemented):

• Increased cleaning and sanitizing of all public areas and equipment (both the number of individuals performing these functions and the frequency)

• Altered meal service to "limited number of resident" shifts and eliminated all self-service options

• Suspended all "large group" recovery meetings including the monthly All House meeting and now are offering smaller, more frequent AA/NA meetings throughout the day and evening

• Suspended the outside meeting requirement and transportation to outside recovery meetings (most of these are shut-down now anyway)

• Closed the basement floor resident rooms (relocating existing residents to the upper two floors) to provide an area for quarantine if necessary

• Suspended all discretionary/ non-essential program activities

• Closed the facility to all non-residents, volunteers and visitors

• Suspended all overnight passes and discouraging all avoidable off-campus appointments/ excursions

• Suspended the requirement for unemployed residents to be out-of-the-house, off of the property and looking for work during the day

• Now require all residents to notify the professional staff immediately should they become symptomatic

• Creating an alternative staffing model and plan for Professional staff that maintains and accommodates program requirements

• Ordering additional UA tests, BA tips, toilet paper, cleaning supplies and soap and hand-sanitizer now (before supplies get low)

Youth Ambassadors

Youth Ambassadors implemented an all-staff -work from home plan March 7.  Also, as a precaution, the administrative office underwent a deep clean and sanitation of all desks, floors and surfaces.

Although we are no longer physically in the office, we continue to be responsive to emails and telephone calls during this period of social distancing. We do not have an anticipated date to reopen the administrative office.

The administrative staff, with support of Rockhurst University work study and UMKC practicum students, conducted an emergency technology availability and needs assessment to identify gaps in resources among our program population, relative to moving programming to a virtual work environment.  We are working feverishly to fill gaps that prohibit participation of some ambassadors in a virtual environment. 
Additional programming updates:

• Provision of vetted COVID-19 updates to Youth Ambassadors 

• Decision to continue 21st Century Life and Job skills, Writing, Art and Health via virtual platform 

• Certified teaching staff and industry experts engaged to transition spring curriculum to a virtual eLearning platform 

• Programming moved to the virtual platform with minimal disruption to Youth Ambassadors

• We are leveraging Zoom, Google Hangout, and other technologies to engage Youth Ambassadors in Trauma Informed Yoga. 

• Increased engagement of our contracted licensed clinical child psychologist to provide mental health support

• Offering virtual group therapy as well as individual therapy 

• Strategic planning of future programming components concentrating on market value added skills in virtual environments

• Proactively communicating our COVID-19 action plan with valued stakeholders

As with many agencies, our work plan is fluid and subject to change as conditions warrant. Thank you for your continued support and positive thoughts during this uncertain and trying time. 

Youth Courts (Eastern Jackson County & Independence)

Youth Court staff have spent the last several days preparing to present all of our program options online or by phone or video conference.  Both Youth Court offices are still open during regular hours, but the buildings are closed to the public. The updated Youth Court procedures are listed below.

Eastern Jackson County Youth Court: All juvenile court arraignments will now be held by phone or video conference until further notice.  The required educational classes will be held through the Zoom online platform and all families will be sent a link to participate. Alternatives for students to complete educational community service options can be found on the court website at Ejcyc.com

Contact the office at 816-541-8017 ext. 72235 or by email at ejcyc@jacksongov.org.  

Independence Youth Court: All juvenile court arraignments will now be held by phone or video conference until further notice.  The
required educational classes will be held at the Zoom online platform and all families will be sent a link to participate. Alternatives for students to complete educational community service options can be found on the court website at Independenceyc.com.

Contact the office at 816-325-7750 or by email at youthct@indepmo.org.