1. Jackson County Prosecutor Jean Peters Baker and COMBAT Director Vince Ortega to hold second Listenin

    Second Listening Session On June 4 In Independence

    Jackson County Prosecutor Jean Peters Baker and COMBAT Director Vince Ortega will hold a second Community Listening Session on Tuesday, June 4 at the East Side Church in Independence. They want to hear from you about public safety, the criminal justice system and more. You can also take our online survey. 
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  1. COMBAT seeks three community engagement monitors

    COMBAT Seeking 3 Community Engagement Program Monitors

    Duties will include writing narratives of the detailed observations, conclusions, findings, concerns and recommendations of site visits to COMBAT-funded agencies.
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  1. Sheffield Place Anti-Bullying Starts With Kindness

    Sheffield Place Anti-Bullying Program Starts With Kindness 

    The Sheffield Place anti-bullying program starts with children as young as 3, stressing not just what you shouldn't do, but also teaching "kindness and mindfulness." The background of 75% of Sheffield Place's clients includes domestic violence.
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  1. Their Safety Is On The Line Talking To Strangers Online

    Teaching Kids About Not 'Talking To Strangers' In The Digital World

    Their safety is on the line! Be sure your kids understand "don't talk to strangers" applies to the digital world. Predators are on the prowl online. Kids (like other people) often share too much personal info via social media and other digital content. 
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  1. COMBAT Chairman Larry Beaty

    The Voice Of Experience 

    — New COMBAT Chairman Really Gets It

    Larry Beaty speaks with the voice of experience—the experience of being a recovering alcoholic (sober since 1981) and longtime treatment counselor—as he stresses utilizing COMBAT's resources where they are needed most, in Jackson County's "hot spots."  
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  1. COMBAT Commissioner John Boyd

    'Violence & Drugs Don't Pay Attention To Zip Codes' 

    New COMBAT Commisisoner John B. Boyd stresses the need for county-wide effort to find solutions to the county-wide problems of drug abuse and violent crime. He also believes COMBAT can help address the issue of prescription drug addiciton. 
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Dawna J. Shumant Appointed COMBAT Deputy Director • January 25, 2019
Jackson County COMBAT has appointed Dawna Shumate its new Deputy Director . She is an experienced treatment and prevention specialist who also has worked extensively in community engagement as director of the county's ombudsman's office.

Vince Ortega Appointed COMBAT Director • October 29, 2018
Vince Ortega has assumed the duty's of COMBAT Director, having already stressed the need for the program to be more connected to the community through his work as Deputy Director. He previously served 30 years with the Kansas City Police Department.