COMBAT Supports Strong Law Enforcement Teamwork


Coming together is a beginning; keeping together is progress; working together is success.” – Henry Ford

COMBAT was created in 1989, when Jackson County voters first approved the community backed anti-drug tax, to instill greater collaboration and teamwork among the various law enforcement agencies throughout the county. COMBAT funds more than 10 police agencies in Jackson County.

Each police department, the Sheriff’s Office and the Jackson County Drug Task Force work together closely to apprehend drug traffickers and to confiscate the illegal substances they’re trying to distribute in our communities. One collaboration that COMBAT is particularly proud to support is between the Independence and Sugar Creek Police Departments. 

Frank WhiteJackson County Executive Frank White, Jr. lends a helping hand during a clean-up event earlier this year.
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Not much divides Independence from Sugar Creek — just a thin stretch of a historic highway route from the 1920’s. More importantly is what brings the two cities together — their ability to work as crime-fighting partners for the betterment of both communities.

​Clean-up Event

From traffic stops to substance abuse prevention programs, these two police departments have always had each other’s back.  But what makes a great team? Dedicated leaders. Independence Mayor Eileen Weir, Sugar Creek Mayor Matt Mallinson, Sugar Creek Police Chief Chris Soule and Independence Chief Brad Halsey continuously support their uniformed officers and the job it takes to keep their citizens safe. 
The teamwork between Independence and Sugar Creek was on full display when COMBAT hosted its fourth Drug Take Back & Neighborhood Clean-up event of 2016. The event was held at the Full Gospel Assembly Church, located just off Highway 24, right on the invisible Independence-Sugar Creek boundary. Among the purposes of this event was “taking back” unused prescription drugs, so that they are not improperly disposed of or fall in the hands of someone who might try to sell them. The Jackson County Sheriff’s Office collected more than 20 pounds of unused prescription medications at the July 29 Independence-Sugar Creek event. Ted’s Trash Service donated the use of a large roll-back dumpster to discard of these items.

Volunteers from COMBAT-funded partners Benilde Hall and 12th Street Heritage were on site to provide lawn care to near-by vacant lots and to grill hot dogs. 

Retiring Chief Thanked For Dedication

Jackson County COMBAT gave a special thank you to retired Independence Police Chief Tom Daily for his dedication and leadership in helping make Jackson County a safer and healthier community in which to live. Daily spent 28 years on the Independence police force and was appointed chief in 2008.

Other Drug Take Back & Neighborhood Cleanup events were held in South Kansas City (in April), at 35th and Prospect in Kansas City (May) and in Blue Springs (June).