Crime Mapping

Where can COMBAT’s resources best be utilized? To answer that question, COMBAT uses crime-mapping software to determine the high density crime areas in Jackson County where the need to reduce and prevent violent crime — as well as drug abuse — is the greatest.

Law enforcement agencies have long depended on crime mapping to target their efforts. COMBAT is, likewise, requesting that agencies submitting applications use crime maps in preparing their proposals to ensure that anti-drug/anti-violence services are designed to reduce crime and serve those residents. These maps are based on a Geographic Information System (GIS) visualization of Part I Violent Crime data — aggravated assaults, homicides, rapes and robberies.

Jackson County’s GIS crime maps (like this one) are generated by inputting the Part I Violent Crime data that every law enforcement agency in the county has compiled from 2016 through the present day. The crime data is consolidated and “geocoded” – putting a pin on the map - and then visualized to see where there are heavier concentrations of crime.  This provides COMBAT an invaluable tool in determining how to most effectively distribute its funds.

The web-based mapping application provides additional functionality for users by sorting data into filters, or layers, such as crimes by type or date. Users can also view:

  • COMBAT-funded Agencies
  • Violent Crime Points
  • Municipal Boundaries
  • School Districts
  • Legislative Districts
Use this interactive map to view a heat map of Part I Violent Crimes in Jackson County:

Crime Map Screen Shot