Drug Task Force

Not every police department has the resources necessary to fight drug-related crimes. Furthermore, these are crimes that know no boundaries, crossing over from one legal jurisdiction to another.

To counter the growing drug problem in Jackson County in the mid-1980s, the Jackson County Drug Task Force (JCDTF) was formed. This multi-agency/multi-jurisdictional law enforcement initiative - now funded through COMBAT - is dedicated to the identification, investigation and prosecution of those individuals responsible for the violation of local, state and federal statutes associated with the procurement, manufacture, distribution and/or sale of drugs and narcotics.
Jackson County Drug Task Force Patch


The objectives of the JCDTF are twofold:
  • Provide the immediate response to those drug problems which pose imminent threat to the security and well-being of the community.
  • Provide a long-range identification and analysis of emerging or anticipated drug problems so as to develop an efficient and effective law enforcement response.

Drug Task Force Partner Agencies

In support of its mission, the JCDTF utilizes the resources of 29 investigative and clerical personnel. Law enforcement agencies participating in the JCDTF include: