Drug Abatement Response Team (DART)

Since 1991, the Drug Abatement Response Team (DART) has stopped drug activity at more than 7,200 Jackson County properties.

DART is a collaborative, multi-jurisdictional team created to provide assistance to the community by using all legal means to eliminate illegal drug houses in Jackson County neighborhoods. The team consists of the Kansas City Police Department, the Fire Marshall, Department of Family Services, the Water Department and the Street Narcotics Unit (SNU).

The DART team identifies and investigates drug activity in residential properties. With this information, the DART unit coordinates the enforcement of all applicable city codes and state laws, and holds property owners and managers accountable for the ill effect their property has on the surrounding area.

Stopping Drug Activity
These functions of the DART unit serve to displace drug dealers and penalize the owners who allow drug activity to continue in and around their property. The DART unit has and will continue to utilize such legal actions as nuisance, forfeiture and expedited evictions to address drug activity in Jackson County.

There are specific conditions that may exist that could lead to a property being shut down by DART, and specific conditions must be met before occupancy is again allowed. See the Jackson County Prosecutor page for additional information about DART.

DART is funded by COMBAT and the State of Missouri Department of Public Safety.