Protect Yourself

Posted on: January 8, 2016

Step Up. Speak Up.

Step Up. Speak Up.

To solve most crimes law enforcement officials need someone to talk. If witnesses remain silent - if they don't share what they know or suspect - the perpetrator will probably remain at large, able to victimize others.

"It's really simple: People need to get involved, if crimes are going to be solved," stated COMBAT Deputy Director Vince Ortega. "One of the biggest challenges we have in law enforcement is the lack of witness cooperation."

Ortega's is the voice of experience. He served on the Kansas City, Missouri Police Department for 30 years.

Because tips are so vital to investigators, getting citizens to call the COMBAT hotline, at 816-881-3662, and anonymously report criminal activity is the focal point of Jackson County's new anti-violence initiative

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