Protect Yourself

  1. "Date Rape" Drugs

    Warn kids about the dangers of these drugs that someone may deceptively give them, with the intent of victimizing them.

  2. Drug Effects On the Brain

    Discover how the 3 drugs that teens most commonly use - alcohol, marijuana and prescription drugs - affect the brain.

  3. Drug Use Among Kids: Fiction Versus Facts

    Don't let common misconceptions fool. Know the facts.

  4. How To Prevent Youth Marijuana Use

    Youth and young adult marijuana use will continue to grow into a national and international health and social problem with the legalization of recreational cannabis in developed countries like the US and Canada.

  5. Get the Facts About Marijuana

    Marijuana is the most commonly used illegal drug and is often viewed as less harmful. Discover how marijuana can be addictive and often leads to using so-called "harder" drugs.

  6. High School & Youth Drug-Use Trends

    Every year, the Monitoring The Future survey measures drug, alcohol, and cigarette use among adolescent students nationwide.

  7. How Drug Dealers Target Our Kids

    Make sure your kids are aware drug dealers are trying to get them hooked through a variety of deceptions, including disguising their drugs as candy and vitamins.

  8. National Drug Institute For Teens

    See what teens are saying about drugs and get interactive lessons on how to stay drug-free.

  9. Prescription Drug Abuse & Your Kids

    More teens are turning away from street drugs, but many are turning to drugs that can be found in the family medicine cabinet.

  10. Signs Your Child May Be Using Drugs

    It's a question just about every parent will ask: "How can I tell if my child is using drugs or alcohol?"

  11. Talking To Your Kids About Drugs

    You as a parent are the first line of defense when it comes to your teen's drug use or drinking. And you do make a difference!